Fender benders: Avoiding them and what to do after one

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Find out how to avoid fender benders and know what to do when involved in one. Check out this Philkotse.com article more information.

It can happen. One day, you may just be cruising along with your family to your vacation destination and then suddenly, out of nowhere, you’re involved in a nasty fender bender. Life on the road can be full of surprises.

Fender benders are common incidents wherein two vehicles are involved in a minor collision that usually causes a fender to bend (hence the term). This terminology was derived as a colloquial jargon because the crash thankfully did not result in major damage and injuries.

1. What can I do to avoid it?

Of course, prevention is always better than cure. Fender benders can incur additional expenditures on your part (or the other person), and unexpected disbursements can still cause a major headache to the person. If you want to avoid being entangled in this kind of situation, follow these tips from Philkotse.com and exercise awareness whenever you are behind the steering wheel.

Look around and be aware

As you surely must have heard or read somewhere, awareness is the key when you are driving. Fender benders usually occur in heavy traffic, in a parking lot or other heavily congested areas where wiggle room is a bit tight. Assessing your environment is the most viable option to evaluate the most appropriate reaction.

man holding the steering wheel


Awareness is key when you are driving

Avoid speeding

Most of the time, people get into accidents when they are under the influence of alcohol, unaware of their surroundings or speed. The golden rule of the road is always to drive at the right speed. You can’t just zip and hurriedly go from one destination to another. This will only expose you to the risk of collisions.

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Observe the gap and the distance

Just like how people would distance themselves for a breather, cars need space from other vehicles as well. Often, drivers tend to tailgate another vehicle because they are in a hurry. Don’t do it as you won’t leave room for error.

Gray car tailgating the black car


Drivers tend to tailgate another vehicle because they are in a hurry. Just don’t

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Do not let emotions get in your way

There are a lot of contributing factors as to why people get overcome by emotions. However, raging and being reckless shouldn't be exercised on the road. You're only compromising your safety as well as others.

If you happen to be caught up in a nasty situation, breathe in and analyze the situation. Will it help if you get mad? Will it help resolve matters if you shout and blame the other person? There’s no use to waste your energy on something you can’t really do anything about anymore. Do what is right and proper and report the incident to the authorities.

2. What if I’m involved in one?

You can never be sure of what others will encounter in a day. In one year, 32 percent of road incidents that occur during that given period is determined as fender benders.

Although the damage is done mostly in the property only, there is five percent that result in minor injuries. If you happen to be sandwiched between a raging driver, two bent fenders and a panicky mood, here’s what you need to do.

Check if anybody is hurt

Never disregard the value of a person’s life. Despite owning the latest model of a Mercedes Benz or a Bentley, nothing will ever put a monetary cost on someone’s life. Check if any of your passengers are hurt, or if the other driver is okay.

Minor grievances such as whiplash injuries or headaches need medical attention. In such instances, don’t hesitate to call emergency personnel.

Don't disrupt the traffic flow by staying on the road

Avoid causing more ruckus and headaches to other drivers by staying in your lane. If the damage is minimal and your car is still operable, you can move to the side and wait for the authorities to arrive. But, if it’s a wreck, just stay on the spot until help comes.

car accident


Avoid causing more ruckus and headaches to other drivers

Inform and wait for the authorities

Unless it involves bodily harm and injuries, you should take the initiative to call for help first regardless of who's responsible in the situation. Don’t engage in an argument with the other party involved.

Tell them that you will cooperate with the authorities upon proper orientation and procedures are made. Also, do not forget to document the scene. It is essential to know the plate number of the driver involved in the incident as you state your claims to the police.

Man using the phone in front of a fender bender


You should take the initiative to call the police first regardless of who's responsible in the situation

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Expect the unexpected

No matter how good-hearted, approachable or courteous you are in dealing with the parties involved in a fender bender, you'll be surprised at how negligent, rude, and uncooperative people can be.

This usually happens when that person is guilty of the incident, and you're exchanging insurance details so that you can file for a claim. In this case, it escalates into a hit-and-run incident. Nevertheless, call the police and inform them of the situation.

Ask help from eyewitnesses

This is crucial especially when you know that you are not to blame for the incident. It can be that the other driver was speeding and he assumed that he could stop in time before crashing into you.

Eyewitnesses are essential for verifying the truth. You might miss out on some important details because you’re stressed or even injured. Eyewitnesses can help in pointing those out.

Road accident in the middle of the road


Eyewitnesses are essential for verifying the truth

If you want to avoid getting into an incident like fender benders, follow the tips mentioned above. It will not just save you from unexpected disbursements for the damaged property but minimize the risks of endangering your life as well.

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