Everything you need to know to become a stunt driver

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It could happen, you know. Keep entertaining (and working on) that dream, you might just find yourself a successful stunt driver.

People say that the best way to enjoy your job is by getting one that allows you to do what you love. If you love fashion and designing clothes, (hopefully) become a stylist to the stars. If you’re passionate about cooking, become a chef or set up your own restaurant. But what if you love cars?  Of course, there are lots of jobs you can choose from.

You can be a driver, a mechanic, a statistician, a car restorer, or even a car designer. But what if you’re looking for something out of the box? Perhaps you want to become a stunt driver but don’t know where to start? Then, look no further!

We carefully sourced all the information you need to realize your dream of becoming a successful stunt driver. Read on this article from Philkotse.com to know-how.

1. The need for speed (and stunt drivers)

Anyone who has ever worked hard to buy a vehicle knows how expensive one is. The costs double or even triple if the car is a premium-type sports car or similar. This is why it’s very important that these cars don’t get damaged in difficult and action-packed scenes. This is where professional stunt drivers come in to save the day.

The role of professional stunt drivers is to perform stunts -- ideally without damaging the vehicle. This is unless the vehicle is actually meant to be damaged. If you are a professional stunt driver, you will usually replace the protagonist in movies when the action scenes are on set. You will drive a car worth millions in tight spots, through a high-speed chase, or even do tricks with it.

car stunt

The role of professional stunt drivers is to perform stunts without damaging the vehicle

If you’ve watched movies like “The Transporter” franchise, “The Fast and the Furious” installments, or basically any American film with a car chase, then you’ve definitely seen a stunt man do some dangerous tricks. The vehicles used in these movies usually don’t belong to the director or producers.

This is why they have to be taken care of. In addition, minor damage to the car can eliminate the chances of retakes and re-shoots. This is unless of course, the management decides to spend a few thousand to fix the damage on the car first.

Transporter movie image

The vehicles used in Hollywood movies usually don’t belong to the directors or producers

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2. So, how does one become a stunt driver?

Step 1. Study the art of stunt driving

Stunt driving requires more skills than the usual driving. You need to be able to perform certain tricks that can’t be performed on public-use roads and highways. Also, there is no other safer place to practice car stunts than a school dedicated to it.

Some people think that they don’t need to enroll in any “stunt driving school.” This is usually because they think they already know everything they need to know about car stunts. That is a completely false assumption that will get you anywhere but a decent stunt job.

Stunt driving schools will teach you how to do dangerous stunts safely. In addition to that, you would also need a certificate and proof that you have undergone and passed stunt driving school. This is mandatory if you want to be eligible for a stunt driver position.

stunt driving

Obviously, stunt driving requires more skills than regular driving

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Step 2. Find an agent and build connections

This is one of the fastest (and most helpful) ways that you could jumpstart your stunt driving career. You can either befriend someone who works for studios or look for an agent to get you in a scene. We’re not talking about the main role but maybe you could be a passerby, a vendor or a taxi cab driver.

This way, you would have something relevant to your resume. Having past experience in a job that’s related to what you want in the future is a big help. This will definitely catch the director’s attention because you already have an idea of what happens behind the camera.

Movie producer members

You can either befriend someone who works for studios or look for an agent to get you in a scene

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Step 3. Be part of a group

This is part of the “building connections” step. After you have some experience and have sent out your resume, it’s time to look for more connections. Find a group of people with the same interests as you. This could be an official club, a small group, or an actual association.

You may be able to find and befriend people who already have experience. If your skills are good and if you’re friendly enough, they may just hook you up in their next gig. Also, stunt driving isn’t a big industry in the Philippines. That’s why there’s also a big possibility that directors and filmmakers are friends with people who belong to these stunt driving groups.

group of professional car driver

Find a group of people with the same interests as you

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3. Other things you need to know

Aside from the information posted above, there are also other things you need to know. Here are other tips that will help you get your dream job.

Acquire other skills

Stunt drivers shouldn’t just know how to drive a car, they should also know how to rig it. Driving stunts (especially complex ones) need precise handling and suspension. This is why you need to understand how a car works internally to avoid accidents and mishaps.

Be prepared

The market for stunt drivers is small. This means you may not get a job immediately even if you’ve done everything right. Make sure you have a fall-back plan in case stunt driving doesn’t work out for you.

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