What is Eco mode and how does it work?

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Saves you gas money in the long run.

Eco mode and its function

The automotive market offers a wide array of vehicles that target various types of car consumers. Some cars are installed with features that produce a high amount of power which are ideal for people who love to live in the fast lane. Some cars are manufactured to prioritize fuel economy over power which are usually called economic cars.

Due to the advancement of the auto industry, manufacturers have come up with a way to bring the two worlds into one. As such, the Eco mode and Sport mode are introduced. When the sport mode is enabled, the car varies certain functions to provide a more spirited drive such as tightening the steering wheel and increasing the throttle response.

Eco mode with sport mode

Eco mode provides better fuel economy

On the other hand, the Eco mode is almost the opposite of the Sport mode. Eco mode, or economical mode, reduces the throttle response of your car which means that you can save more fuel on the go. This type of mode is recommended to use in the city or traffic where high acceleration is unnecessary.

To help you understand more about Eco mode, we have listed down some advantages and disadvantages of using this type of mode. We have also included some reasons why you should consider using the Eco mode of your car for your daily driving.

Dodge Challenger on a road

Even performance vehicles come with an Eco mode


The main advantage of using Eco mode is that you can save fuel. Not only will Eco mode save you gas money, but it will also prevent you from frequently stopping at a gas station for a gas refill which can be a hassle on some occasions especially if you are late for work or school.

Since Eco mode reduces throttle response, the acceleration will feel weaker as compared to using normal mode or Sport mode. In most production vehicles with an Eco mode, this function also reduces the loads on their air conditioning compressor which ultimately results in a better fuel economy rating.

With Eco-mode, you will enjoy maneuvering your car with lighter throttle response and a smoother steering feel, hence a more gentle driving experience. The Eco mode should be your go-to mode when you are not in a rush and you want to save some gas money.


As said earlier, using the Eco mode will reduce your car’s throttle response. This means that you will not pick up speed as fast as compared to using other modes. If you should be in a place in no time, the Eco mode is the least mode you should consider using due to the weaker throttle response.

Using the Eco mode on highways is also a disadvantage especially if the highway is full of fast-moving vehicles. We’re not saying that you won’t keep up on highways if you are using Eco mode. However, you will not fully benefit from the power your car’s engine can produce while using the Eco mode.

When should I use Eco mode?

The most ideal place to use the Eco mode is when you are stuck in traffic. You won’t need that extra boost from using the Sport mode if you are driving in a bumper-to-bumper situation. Using Sport mode in this type of road situation will only unnecessarily cost you some money on fuel.

If you will go for a grocery run or a visit to your nearby neighbor, we recommend that you switch the Eco mode on for better fuel consumption. The only time that the Eco mode is recommended to be used on highways is when you decide to maintain a certain speed, especially on out-of-town trips.

Hyundai Eco mode instrument cluster

Most Eco mode varies the digital instrument cluster to a greener appeal

Most car owners would say that Eco mode can help you save gas for about three to 10 percent, depending on the various road conditions. This means that if your car has a fuel economy rating of 14 km/L, then using Eco mode will improve the said number to around 14.4 to 15.4 km/L. That may not sound much for now, but it will be in the long run it will especially if the mode is practiced regularly.

You will always have to option to switch to Sport mode just in case you feel like you are underpowered on the road. Just take note that Sport mode might feel more fun as compared to Eco mode, but your car’s fuel consumption rating will take a toll when using this type of mode.

A curved road with a red car

Eco mode is also recommended to be used on long and open highways

How to use Eco mode?

Most car manufacturers use the term ‘Eco mode’ for the most fuel-efficient driving configuration mode. However, it is good to note that some car manufacturers use other terms for the said mode such as Econ mode for Japanese carmaker Honda, Eco Pro mode is the go-to for German carmaker BMW, and Green mode for British car brand Mini.

Whichever term is used, all Eco modes are designed to provide one thing, and that is a better fuel economy rating. To use Eco mode, you simply press the Eco mode button on your center console. Some Eco mode might be located near the transmission, while some are located behind the steering wheel. You can use the Eco mode whenever you desire to do so whether you are at a complete stop or cruising a highway.

A green ECON mode in a car

Saves you some gas money

FAQs about Eco mode

Q: Do all cars come with an Eco mode?

Most new production vehicles come with an Eco mode which provides a better fuel economy rating.

Q: Does Eco mode affect my car engine?

No, it is completely safe to use Eco mode on your daily driving.

Q: What is Sport mode?

Sport Mode provides a more spirited driving experience by increasing the throttle response and holding gear to reach higher RPM.

Q: Can I use Eco mode on highways?

Yes, you can still use Eco mode on highways. However, it will not provide high power as compared to using normal or sport mode.

Q: How much fuel does Eco mode save?

Using the Eco mode should save you around three to 10 percent of fuel.

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