Common choke points in Metro Manila and alternative routes to take

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2019 recorded an increase in the volume of traffic with many choke points in Metro Manila. Read out to learn more about the alternative routes that Philkotse recommends.

Traffic has reached gargantuan proportions in 2018, with many choke points in major areas in the metro. In 2019, there will be more road projects and repairs that will drive collective blood pressure into the stratosphere!

Driving in the metro means driving smart and knowing where to go, with or without an app to guide the way. Most would call this taxi-driver style driving; which is free-flowing and fluid with the ability to avoid choke points and use alternative routes like the back of the hand!

When all the common choke points and alternative routes to take are automatic and second nature, it makes all the best sense to navigate the metro with ease. There’s no way it can be totally avoided, but it does ease the torment caused by traffic.

6 common choke points in EDSA

I. Things to remember about chokepoints and alternative routes

For starters to begin with; here are some pointers that should be familiar with most drivers:

  • Everything is unpredictable in these areas unless the residence is within the place
  • Most enforcers are out for those who mistake a one way for a two-way, and it is rarely made obvious!
  • These areas have specific times when it is light or heavy. Make it a point to check traffic updates or be trapped in Traffic Carmageddon.
  • Leave early for work and leave early for home! If it is possible at all, in the office or place of work.
  • Make it a point to know where color coding exists the entire day. Because make a mistake and pass by, then you’re nailed for a ticket for sure.
  • Time it well when passing through alternative routes with many trucks and jeepneys.

II. 8 common choke points and alternative routes

Everything and all the common choke points and alternative routes to take that should be considered. But, use traffic apps to double check these areas because it minimizes the guessing game which can be inconvenient! They may have changed with road improvements and new traffic schemes, but knowing them does make a difference.

1. All roads going to the airport

These roads get the brunt of the worst traffic; especially on December when activity at airports is in full swing. Motorists coming from the south and the north will take the usual routes and depending on the time, traffic can be a killer.

Alternative routes

Those coming from Quezon will have to pass Edsa or C-5, but other alternate routes are Roxas Boulevard, Quezon Avenue passing through Espana. In the south; roads like   Airport Road, Domestic Road, Andrews Avenue, Sales Road, Alabang-Zapote Road, and Circulo del Mundo Avenue are an option.

Choke points_1_road to airport

On December, all the roads to the airport get the brunt of the worst traffic

2. Edsa to Makati business district

One of the busiest stretches of road that numbs imagination all year-round with the Carmageddon most of the time! From Balintawak to Makati, the long lines of buses and private cars that get clogged up and move is amazing.

Sadly, the state of constant traffic is a self-replicating mess that seeks a solution. But, there are rare lulls, when traffic is light and worry-free. Either manage time better or get stuck which there is no reprieve.

Alternative routes

One of the alternative routes when coming from the Fairview-Mindanao-Quirino Triangle is to pass the congressional extension. Go ahead to Katipunan, C-5 and straight to Villamor road passing through BGC.

choke points_2_makati

3. Edsa to the BGC commercial complex

Still the major artery for those coming from the south, for that matter. Going there from the south or Manila, traffic cannot be avoided because Edsa is full of it! And the Bonifacio Global city is right in the middle of the busiest districts in the metro too! There’s no way around the traffic in that area and can’t be avoided; better chill out or just get stuck there.

Alternative routes

Those coming from the Quezon city area can pass through Katipunan, Santolan, Ortigas Center, to access C-5 easily.

choke points_3_BGC

Bonifacio Global city is right in the middle of the busiest districts in the Metro Manila 

4. Edsa to Shaw area

Traffic is common all year round in this area, but when the holidays come, this becomes the epicenter of long hours in traffic and more. Also, this is where another shortcut is used to access Makati CBD in the morning. On weekdays; a lot of traffic will pass through with no fail!

Alternative routes

Take the Timog, New Manila, and the Shortcut in San Juan to access Shaw Boulevard. This is also another route going to Makati as well, just turn right not left when at Shaw Boulevard!

Choke points_5_Edsa Shaw

Edsa to Shaw is among 8 common choke points in Metro Manila

5. U-belt road in Manila

When enrollment for classes begins; expect a lot of traffic in this area. When passing through España, Ramon Magsaysay, Recto, and Jose Abad Santos where it can be a pain managing traffic headaches. Either leave early or suffer traffic until a certain hour; time management is key to everything.

Alternative routes

There’s no way around it but manage time when to go and when to leave. This area is a traffic blackhole that cannot be avoided.

Choke points_4_u belt

U-belt Road in Metro Manila 

6. Mindanao-Quirino to Fairview triangle

All year-round the traffic is just the same, but due to the MRT project and many public vehicles, truck that ply this area. Make it a bit of problem; especially in the Fairview area where those from Bulacan pass through! Mindanao and Congressional road are traffic magnets with huge ten-wheelers passing by!
In the Quirino Hi-way area; all the traffic is caused by a two-lane road with jeeps, buses and private cars cramming the lanes.

Alternative routes

No way around it; since it lies near truck routes and is near the periphery of North Expressway and the Bulacan boundary.

Choke point_6_Quirino

In the Quirino Hi-way area; all the traffic is caused by a two-lane road with jeeps, buses and private cars cramming the lanes

7. Katipunan to Eastwood C-5

Along this road are exclusive schools and a commercialized area, with some sub-division nearby. Traffic is caused by the cars that go in and out of these schools. Traffic is prevalent except when it is early or on holidays. Go farther up the stretch, and there’s C-5 and the Eastwood commercial center, traffic depends on the time mostly.

Alternative routes

The only way to Katipunan and Eastwood C-5 is through the UP area, Commonwealth, Congressional, and the Kamias, Aurora and Xavierville road to access it.

Choke points_7_Katipunan

C-5 and the Eastwood commercial center, traffic depends on the time mostly

8. Quezon city 

This is the center of the south and the north with the Timog, Quezon Avenue, Cubao, and New Manila area that are commercialized and with private residences as well!

Alternative routes

Most of the alternative roads and shortcuts originate from Quezon city.

choke points_8_quezon

Busy Quezon city, Philippines 

In a nutshell, most of the common choke points and alternative routes to take has been covered, but there more! These are only the most basic but will suffice for most drivers; just to manage and avoid traffic should it be possible.

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