What to expect from the American Luxury Legend Cadillac this 2019?

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Cadillac is ready to bring more touch of luxury & excellent cars this 2019.

Cadillac is one of the most well-known vehicle manufacturers all over the world that delivers both performance and design. The company is fathered by General Motors (GM), one of the most recognized brands that design and manufacture luxury vehicles. Cadillac is an American brand but it exports its products to a few lucky countries, including ours.

They are on the apex of the multiple brands that produce lavishly-priced luxury cars. The company already has hundreds of vehicles that they introduced to the market and they don’t fail the expectations of the public at all. They produce a variety of vehicle types – from SUVs to sedans, so you know there’s a Cadillac fit for you.

Though the price is something we can’t really say as “fit for everyone”. Either you’re a fan of the brand or you’re just looking for suggestions regarding which vehicle you should invest in, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Below are some of the line-ups that Cadillac plans to make available to the market this 2019 brought to you by Philkotse.com. Feel free to compare each vehicle, you might just find the finest of them all!

Black cadillac

Cadillac is one of the most well-known car manufacturers all over the world that delivers both performance and design

I. Crossovers and SUVs

These are the big vehicles that you can trust for two things – seating capacity and power.

1. Cadillac XT4 2019

The 2019 XT4 has a promising 258 pound-feet of torque. It’s also admired for its fuel efficiency that can reach 30 miles per gallon.  The classy and comfy-looking interior packs a choice of five trims namely; Jet Black with Cinnamon Accents, Light Wheat/Jet Black with Red Accents, Sedona or Jet Black, Jet Black Leatherette with Cinnamon Accents and Light Wheat or Jet Black Leatherette with Red Accents.

Some of its highlight features are the LED headlamps and tail lamps, HD rear-vision camera and a few selectable drive modes for better driving assistance. It’s also available in 3 trims – Luxury, Premium Luxury, and Sport.

cadillac xt4 2019

The 2019 Cadillac XT4 has a promising 258 pound-feet of torque

2. Cadillac XT5 2019

The XT6 looks massive and it’s also spacious inside. It brags a 3.6L V6 direct-injection engine capable of producing 310 units of horsepower. It has a competitive torque generation of 271 pound-feet. The 8-speed transmission makes it easy to select gears.

You’ll also enjoy your favorite media selection with the Bose 8-speaker audio system. Just like the XT4, it is also equipped with a rear-vision camera. It allows Keyless Entry as well as Push-Button Engine Start. Ease of access to your multimedia files is made possible by Bluetooth phone connectivity as well as USB and Auxiliary connectivity. Along with the high-tech features are elegant Okapi deco wood trims that makes the interior look cozy and classy.

Cadillac XT5 2019

Cadillac XT5 brags a 3.6L V6 direct-injection engine capable of producing 310 units of horsepower

3. Cadillac XT6 

The XT6 is not released to the market yet but reservation is already accepted via the automaker’s website. This Crossover has three rows of seating capacity so it can definitely accommodate more passengers. It also comes with four different finishes that provide you with more options.

The choices are real wood, premium leather, carbon fiber, and a metallic finish. The fine choice of Opus Semi-Aniline Leather is fitted to all seats on all three rows. It comes in two trims; Premium Luxury and Sport. Both are equipped with standard Cadillac luxury features as well as specifications that differentiate the two trims.

Silver cadillac XT6 2019

The XT6 Crossover has three rows of seating capacity so it can definitely accommodate more passengers

4. Cadillac Escalade 2019

The Escalade is extravagant at a reasonable price. Its features include an Automatic Parking Assist, a Surround Vision and a bird’s eye view of the vehicle. Under the hood, it has a 6.2L VVT V8 engine with a superior 420-horsepower. It also has a 10-speed transmission and 460 pound-feet of torque.

The front seats have heating and cooling settings while the second row of seats also has heating options available. You never have to worry about forgetting the charging cable of our phone to your car because the Cadillac Escalade 2019 supports Wireless charging. Either you’re an expert or a newbie driver, parking will be a breeze since this unit is installed with both Front and Rear Parking Assistance.

Cadillac Escalade 2019

The Cadillac Escalade is an extravagant SUV that features Automatic Parking Assist, a Surround Vision and a bird’s eye view of the vehicle

II. Sedans

Here are the slimmer vehicles you can expect from Cadillac this year. They may be smaller in size but they’re definitely something you don’t want to belittle.

1. Cadillac CTS 2019

The CTS Sedan encases a 3.6 Liter V6 engine that can produce up to 335 horsepower. It has a snappy acceleration that can make the unit go from 0-60 miles per hour in just 5.5 seconds. The standard trim showcases Brembo front brakes and 17-inch painted alloy wheels.

cadillac cts 2019

CTS 2019 arms with a 3.6 Liter V6 engine that can produce up to 335 horsepower

The Luxury Trim has fancy seats that automatically heat up when the interior system detects cold weather. The Premium Luxury boasts a Magnetic Ride Control, along with rear camera mirror and an 18-inch alloy wheel with 15 spokes. The V-Sport and V-Sport Premium Luxury both carry 3.6 Liter V6 engines with twin turbo.

2. Cadillac CTS-V 2019

This unit is also dubbed as the fastest Cadillac just yet. It is equipped with a supercharged 6.2 Liter V8 engine that’s capable of 640 horsepower. Smooth driving is experience is guaranteed by the 8-speed automatic transmission.

cadillac cts-v 2019

Cadillac CTS-V 2019 is more attractive with the added magnesium paddle shifters

Shifting gears is also made more appealing by the added magnesium paddle shifters. It has a responsive heating steering wheel as well as heated and ventilated front seats. It’s also built with the latest safety upgrades like Forward Collision Warning, Lane Keep Assist and Departure Warning, Front Curb Camera as well as an Automatic Parking Assist among others.

If you’re looking for a car that’s fast but also padded with safety, then this sedan is for you. Kindly refer to our Cadillac cars for sale list for more available options in the Philippines.

III. Coupes

Cadillac ATS 2019

The ATS has an aggressive acceleration of 5.3 seconds of going from 0-60 miles per hour. It also has great fuel efficiency that lets one gallon run for 29 miles. The Standard trim costs 38,995USD while the Luxury Trim is worth 42,795USD.

cadillac ats 2019

Cadillac ATS 2019 prices start at 38,995USD

It must be due to the leather seating surfaces, 10-way adjustable seats and Cold weather Package. It also has Premium Luxury and Premium Performance Trims that starts at around 50,000USD. Both trims have all the aforementioned features among others.

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