Welcome the Chevrolet Tracker 2020 on board & say goodbye to the Trax

Jan 24, 2019 | Same topic: Auto industry: Latest updates
The Chevrolet Tracker 2020 is especially offered for the Chinese market.

We have good news and bad news for Chevrolet fans. Which one do you want to hear first?

Well, we think bad news comes first is better.  So we would like to say that it’s time to say goodbye the Trax in the subcompact crossover class. This may be a great sadness for many but don’t be disappointed, the American carmaker will peace your mind by introducing an all-new model dubbed the Chevrolet Tracker 2020. Actually, we should say welcome back, Chevrolet Tracker!

In fact, the name Tracker is not strange to General Motors or Chevrolet, it first came with the Geo Tracker which was considered as a badge-engineered variant of the Suzuki Vitara. It was named as the Chevrolet Tracker after Geo discontinued in 1997.

Chevrolet Tracker 2020 angular front

Welcome back, Chevrolet Tracker

The new Chevrolet Tracker 2020 is built based on a General Motors platform and bigger than the Trax. It measures 4,248 mm in length, 1,766 mm in height and 1,674 mm in width. The car comes adorned with styling cues, defined lines and more chiseled edges.  The Tracker’s hood is placed higher than the one of the Trax. It also comes with bigger, lower-mounted grille, slimmer headlamps and a more upright nose. The bumpers’ corners are defensed by sharp edges with LED daytime running lamps. It also gets black cladding which brings the Tracker a more premium look.

On the sides, the quarter panels, doors and fenders are decorated with more defined creases while the window line gets an upward kink like the Blazer’s. Stepping inside, the Tracker is now offered a 3rd side window to bring additional visibility and more light into the cabin. Meanwhile, the roof is designed to slope downwards, along with integrated tailgate spoiler.

When it comes to the tailgate, the Chevrolet Tracker 2020 has a lower-mounted license plate holder which is now located under the opening of the tailgate. Besides, at the rear, the black cladding is also made to be thicker and the tail lamps come with hexagonal shape.   

According to the latest car news, the Tracker 2020 is especially offered for the Chinese market. However, we still have a glimmer of hope that the all-new Chevrolet Tracker 2020 will hit our shores.

Chevrolet Tracker 2019 rear view

The new Chevrolet Tracker is built based on a General Motors platform

Chevrolet Tracker 2020

The Tracker 2020 is especially offered for the Chinese market