Here's why this construction firm chose VW Santana as fleet car 

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German cars for a German-owned company.

When you think of fleet cars, most of us will probably picture the usual nondescript, base-model pickup-truck, white colored sedan, or even a van. Sure, these can do the job and are affordable, but they are the furthest things to what one can describe as elegant. 

A picture of the the SCCI VW Santana fleet

SCCI's fresh new Volkswagen Santana fleet

Scheirman Construction Consolidated Incorporated (SCCI) however, has begged to differ when it chose to acquire a fleet of Volkswagen Santanas for the company’s engineers and staff. 

So why a VW Santana? For starters, SCCI CEO William Russel Scheirman Jr. is of the opinion that the Santana is “very smart-looking, safe, efficient, and reliable”. Moreover, he also says that it is easy to operate and affordable to maintain.  

Then there’s also the fact that he is already familiar with Volkswagen’s reputation for making world-class cars since he had previously owned and drove a Volkswagen Golf in his home country of Germany.  

A picture of SCCI receiving their new fleet cars

SCCI recieving its new VW Santana units

Going back to the Santana, Scheirman is also impressed that it has struck a good balance between performance, on-board features, and build-quality. Cost to performance ratios after all, is one concern of anyone who’s running a business.  

For those who are curious about the Santana, do note that the Philippine-spec model uses a 1.5-liter inline-4 gasoline mill. At most, it can produce up to 108 horsepower and 150 Nm of torque. Power is then sent to the front wheels through a six-speed automatic transmission.
Safety for the Philippine-spec Santana is then handled by dual-front-airbags, anti-lock braking, electronic stability control, and an engine immobilizer with keyless entry. 

Prices for the Volkswagen Santana currently range from Php 755,000 to Php 898,000. 

A picture of the VW Santana's interior

Inside the 2021 Volkswagen Santana equipped with the optional touchscreen headunit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

So, did this convince you to consider the Volkswagen Santana for your next vehicle purchase? 

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Know more about Volkswagen Santana 2021

Volkswagen Santana

The Santana is a subcompact sedan designed and engineered by German automaker Volkswagen, slotting in as the replacement for the Polo in the Philippines. This model has carried different nameplates since its release in 1984 when Volkswagen launched a three-box sedan. The subcompact sedan is based on the second-generation Passat. Physically, the Santana looks similar to the Volkswagen Jetta. Details such as the headlights and chrome-accented grille are almost identical to that of its compact counterpart’s bumper. The launch of the Volkswagen Santana was aimed to compete with existing subcompact sedans launched by other automotive manufacturers, such as the Toyota Vios and the Honda City. The cabin still has the signature Volkswagen feel and aesthetic with its three-spoke steering wheel. A height adjustment feature for the driver’s seat was added for more comfortable driving. Further on improving the driving experience, the Santana offers an adjustable steering column that allows you to position the steering wheel at a specific height and distance from the body. Additionally, incorporated in the air conditioning system is an improved pollen filter. One of the Santana’s most unique features is that maintenance only needs to be done once a year, at every 10,000 kilometers mileage.

From ₱755,000

Cesar G.B. Miguel

Cesar G.B. Miguel


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