Top 3 cars that serial killers would choose to drive

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Ted Bundy, the heartless evil in the US history, had chosen a Volkswagen Beetle for his countless murders and why?

Ted Bundy is a notorious serial killer in the USA who was believed to have committed up to a hundred of murders while he confessed to 30 homicides only. He often approached gullible girls, gained their trust then took them to remote places with his Volkswagen for assaulting acts. He even often revisited the crime scenes to perform sexual acts with rotting corpses. He had finally been executed in 1989 on the electric chair.

Back to his Volkswagen, why did he choose the Beetle to accompany his murders?

Ted Bundy's Volkswagen Beetle

Bundy’s Volkswagen was once on display at the National Museum of Crime & Punishment

Serial Killers' Cars - /ROAD TESTAMENT

Bundy didn’t need much space to hide his killer kit. In fact, when police arrested him in 1975 in Salt Lake City, they found a ski mask, handcuffs and some other torture tools. The main reason for his car selection is its humble size and design. With its mainstream shape, the Beetle could easily help the killer to blend in with the crowds without any notice. It could also give out a false impression of a handsome gallant guy inside a modest automobile to trick his prey.

Clearly, the choice of auto contributes greatly to the success of a murder. That’s why today will list out for you 3 cars that serial killers would choose to drive. Please also note that the reverse is not necessarily true: owners of such vehicles are not necessarily serial killers.

1.Toyota Corolla - The beige camouflage for the savage inside

Considering the same criteria as Ted Bundy’s choice, Toyota Corolla deserves the leading status in the list.

Owning a can’t-be-more-normal look, Corolla is coined the beige in the auto world with its pale yellow painting, a medium-sized body and nothing-outstanding deco. This dull model perfectly meets the requirements of a serial killer who doesn’t want to draw public attention.

Toyota Corolla in beige color

Toyota Corolla – the beige camouflage for the savage inside

2. Ford Econoline Van – A spacious grave for your dead victims

What if you want to murder several at once before transporting them to secluded places in one ride altogether? Corolla may not be a wise choice then.

Think of a van with roomy load space but still not attract any curious look! Any idea?

Ford Econoline van

Have you ever thought of Ford Econoline Van?

Seriously, what is floating in your mind? Ford Econoline is right here for you! Despite its seemingly shady look, Econoline can insure any wailing or even screaming of your fragile victims against being heard by passers-by. Its soundproof metal covering is definitely second-to-none for this job.

What’s more, as our estimation, the load space of Econoline can contain up to 6 bodies, not to mention your killer kit. Two birds with one stone, Ford Econoline van is born to be the car of serial killers.

3.Toyota Hilux – The corpse transporter

Ranking the third in our list is Toyota Hilux which proves its off-road ability for nearly half of a century. After cleaning your crime scenes, you must drive to remote areas to get rid of troublesome victims. To succeed in this task without being stuck in the middle of the road for suddenly dead engine, Hilux is for sure the vehicle you have to buy!

Toyota Hilux on road

Toyota Hilux is a truly useful off-roader in this case

This rigid car can travel easily over different types of terrains regardless of weather conditions with remarkable stability. It also has spacious storage to carry your digging tools and body bags.

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