Suzuki Jimny & Suzuki Jimny Sierra 2019 featured in Youtuber’s walkaround videos

Updated Jul 12, 2018 | Same topic: Highlights of the Week

Youtuber Mami Amiego published 2 videos to give us a closer view of these Suzuki models.

As a response to all guesses and render graphics surrounding Suzuki Jimny 2019 & Suzuki Jimny Sierra 2019, a Youtube account named Mami Amiego has posted 2 walkaround videos to present the world these two no-frills auto.

For Suzuki Jimny 2019, the fourth generation remains its rigid look without unnecessary deco. The straightforward design applies ladder-frame chassis, four wheel drive part-time system and low range gears, staying in-line with basic UV versions of the company. Spacious space equipped with essential gadgets in the cabin can bring out a sense of satisfaction for all drivers.

Walkaround video of Suzuki Jimny 2018

Bearing JDM “kei” car brand, The Jimny is 3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide and 1,725 mm high. The ground clearance is 205 mm while the wheelbase reaches 2,250 mm. This prototype runs on a R06A 0.66L turbocharged inline-three engine (using petrol), produces 64PS with the peak torque of 96 Nm.

Turn to Suzuki Jimny Sierra 2019, this model goes far beyond traditional Japanese auto norm with an extended wheel arch, robust design and a wider body. The ground clearance is raised to 210 mm but the wheelbase is similar to the Jimny. The overall specs for length, width and height are 3,550 mm, 1645 mm and 1730 mm respectively.

A close look into Suzuki Jimny Sierra 2018

Under the hood of the Sierra is a K15B 1.5L engine which can reach up to 102 PS and max torque of 130 Nm. This car is available to either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

Besides aforementioned features, both Jimny and Sierra are installed LED headlamps, 16-inch wheels of alloy, touchscreen infotainment, intelligent climate control, heated front seats and a steering wheel made of leather.

According to the latest car news, Suzuki has targeted 15,000 units for the Jimny 2018 and 12,000 units for the Sierra sold per month in JDM. These two models are produced at the Kosai Plant in its home country.

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