PH-spec Suzuki Jimny will now be imported from India: Report 

Updated Jun 01, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Our Jimnys will come from Maruti-Suzuki India Limited. 

For those who have had the experience of purchasing, or about to purchase a Suzuki Jimny, you’re aware of the considerable waiting time before receiving the actual unit. 

A picture of a Philippine-spec Suzuki Jimny

Due to the immense demand for the Jimny, the Suzuki's manufacturing plants in Japan can barely keep up

Well, according to a report from Autoindustriya, the Japanese brand will be sourcing the Jimny for the Philippine market from India, instead of the Suzuki plant located in Shirasuka, Kosai, Japan. Suzuki has decided on this move, as it might address the issue with the Jimny’s long waitlist among other advantages. 

Now Suzuki, as you already know, has a huge presence in India. Together with Maruti, it forms the Maruti-Suzuki India Limited, which is a subsidiary of Suzuki Motor Corporation. Of note, the said entity’s Gurugram plant is already capable of making export models like the Jimny. This specific plant has a production capacity of 700,000 units, which is far larger than what the Kosai plant is capable of.  And of course, the report also stresses that the Jimnys made in this plant will be identical to the ones that were made in Japan. 

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In addition to the higher production capacity, vehicles made in India that are being exported to the Philippines are also exempt from the Department of Trade and Industry’s Safeguard Duty Tax. If, however, Suzuki Philippines continued to source its Jimny units from Japan, the said tax will of course add on Php 70,000 to its price tag.  

A picture of a Jimny in the boonies.

Many are and will be enthusiastic for this little, off-road capable brute

Do note though Suzuki Philippines is well aware of the Jimny’s production delays despite moving its production to India. For those unaware, India right now is deep in the battle against COVID-19. As such, many of the Maruti-Suzuki plants in the country have been shut down. 

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Suzuki Jimny

<p>The <strong>Suzuki Jimny</strong> is one of Suzuki Motor Corporation&#39;s most sought-after models. Its demand was so high people started reservations as early as 2018. So much so, that shortage was felt as this car&rsquo;s presence excites anyone who saw a glimpse of it on the global stage. The Jimny brought different emotions to the Philippines from nostalgia to obsession as this fourth-generation is everything a car buyer wanted in a car &ndash; sophisticated, modern, rugged, and versatile. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the mini-SUV&nbsp;still lingers in the hearts of Filipino car buyers.</p>

From ₱1,095,000

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