Some parts of NLEX Bocaue Bridge northbound lanes to be closed for rehabilitation

Sep 03, 2019 | Same topic: Latest Traffic Updates
In order to continue the Bocaue River Bridge Rehabilitation project, NLEX corp has closed three northbound lanes while implementing a counterflow scheme.

1. NLEX Corp: To close northbound lanes on Bocaue River Bridge

A few days ago on August 27 at exactly 1 p.m., the NLEX Corporation has closed a number of its northbound lanes located on the Bocaue River Bridge which crosses the Santa Maria River in Bulacan, for the purpose of repairs and the general rehabilitation of the said bridge.

The exact lanes that were closed on the said bridge are the three middle lanes heading north to allow for the last stage of their bridge deck slab replacement. The said operation will last from August 27 up to the middle of September. In order to address the needs of the traffic heading north, several lanes on the southbound side will have to be used for a counter-flow scheme.

NLEX Corp's facebook post regarding the Bocaue River Bridge rehab project

Here's the company's Facebook post itself announcing the said temporary lane closure

On the duration of the closure of these lanes, the deck and slab of the aforementioned bridge will be replaced. The repairs will also concern the ever crucial girders of the Bocaue Bridge specifically their strengthening.

The NLEX Corporation has mentioned in a statement that the closure of those three lanes is the last and final part of their Bocaue Bridge rehabilitation project. As you might remember, they also closed some lanes on the opposite side from June to July and they had used a similar counter-flow scheme which ran on the northbound side.

During the duration of the closure, the flow of traffic to and from Metro Manila will inevitably see some congestion.

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2. NLEX Corp: Other news

The NLEX Corporation is also heavily involved in the government’s current fight against the capital’s traffic woes by implementing several projects.

In a statement, the NLEX Corporation president, Luigi Bautista has said that these projects will be implemented on their entire expressway network in order to improve motorist safety, ease traffic congestion, and to further provide convenience for all who depend on their expressways on the daily.

Detailed in a press release published several days ago, the projects of the NLEX Corp. is totaled to value up to Php 7.7 billion. Several of these infrastructure projects include a 2.6 km route called the C3-R10, a section of the NLEX Harbor Link Segment 10 which once completed will connect Navotas City to Caloocan City by way of the C3 road.

The projects of the NLEX Corp.

The projects of the NLEX Corp. is totaled to value up to Php 7.7 billion

The said the new route is hoped to greatly reduce traffic congestion in Valenzuela, Caloocan and other concerned parts of Northern Metro Manila.

Another project is the Subic Freeport Expressway or SFEX ‘s widening which will increase its capacity. And of course, there’s the construction of flood control infrastructures alone the Maritan Highway-Rizal Highway-Tipo Junction. And there’s the new Tambubong Interchange.

There are also recently completed and opened routes like the Plaridel Bypass Balagtas NLEX northbound entry which will reroute vehicles heading to Pampanga.

The reroute is estimated to reduce congestion by around 30% for motorists plying the Santa Rita section and a Pampanga bound traveler will reach his/her destination about 50% faster. This specific project was a joint venture by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and the NLEX Corporation.

A picture of the NLEX Corp's announcement of the Balagtas Northbound entry's opening

Good news indeed!

With the increasing number of vehicles in Metro Manila, we just hope that the current, ongoing NLEX Corp. and as well as the DPWH projects will indeed be able to keep up with the sheer number of vehicles traveling in, around and out of Metro Manila and in a timely fashion as well.

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