Move It launches professionalization program for rider-partners

Updated Jul 26, 2023 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

This should bring out more professional and competent riders.

The need for safer roads for motorcyclists is being championed by government agencies through various initiatives such as the Metro Manila Motorcycle Riding Academy and the establishment of an exclusive motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue.

Move It professionalism program

Move It aims to make its rider-partner more professional

Move It is also doing its part in achieving just that through its professionalization campaign. The campaign has been rolled out to professionalize the local habal-habal sector by conducting forums and dialogues with riders. The company is also providing safe and tech training sessions for rider-partners.

“We are fostering an environment of open dialogue and collaboration with the habal-habal community to better understand their need. By addressing the long-standing concerns that impair the sector, we can strategically work on tailored solutions and programs,” said Move It General Manager Wayne Jacinto.

Move It professionalism program

The program conducts forums and dialogues with riders

During the pilot forum, habal-habal riders expressed the challenges they face on a daily. However, a consensus emerged among the attendees – their commitment to making roads safer and becoming motorcycle taxi professionals.  

With the campaign, Move It has responded to the government’s call to address safety, security, and pricing concerns surrounding habal-habal operations in the country. One of the homegrown transport solution provider’s initiatives is assisting riders obtain their professional licenses.

Move It professionalism program

This initiative can improve the habal-habal industry

Move It is also enriching the lives of its rider-partners through viable earning opportunities and attractive benefits. These are said to include low commission rates, competitive incentive schemes, comprehensive insurance packages, and exclusive deals on rider essentials.

Last May 2023, Move It even allowed rider-partners to earn additional income with the Advertiser Vests Program. The program places an ad on the riders’ vest for advertising, helping riders maximize their income.

“We are committed to granting our habal-habal riders easier access to livelihood opportunities that secure their well-being and ensure the viability of their everyday income. We are optimistic that through this, we’ll create a more robust MC Taxi industry – one that upholds safety and reliability for all commuting Filipinos,” added Jacinto.

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