MMDA releases guide to help you assess flooded roads 

Updated Jul 29, 2021 | Same topic: Latest Traffic Updates

If in doubt, refer to this flood gauge. 

As most are aware of, the Philippines is now in the rainy season. And with that brings the recent foul weather we’ve been experiencing. In many regions of the country especially Metro Manila, this of course is a recipe for floods.  

To this end, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) released a flood gauge for motorists.  

A picture of the MMDA flood gauge

The MMDA flood gauge

According to the photo, the depth of a flooded area is separated into three categories. These categories are equated to the height of an average person, and the height of the average motor vehicle.  

Eight to 10 inches of depth (color yellow) or gutter level to half knee level are still passable by cars. At 13- to 19-inches (color blue) of water depth or knee level or half tire level, a road is classified as “not passable to light vehicles. From 26-inches to 45-inches (red color) or from the waist and chest level is not passable to all types of vehicles. 

To further stress this out, the chart offers an approximation of how deep a flood is in relation to a height of a vehicle. Different models and vehicle classes after all usually come with different ride heights and so will have differing abilities to deal with floods.  

Then again, fording and driving to floods safely and effectively can take a bit of know-how and experience to perform. This is regardless of whether you’re using an SUV, sedan, pickup truck or whatever. As such, it is recommended to follow this guide because it's better to be safe than sorry. 

Also, note that Waze users can report flooded areas as road closures. Be sure to be aware of that feature on your Waze app to complement the MMDA’s provided flood gauge. 

For your benefit, the following is a list of the flooded roads and areas in Metro Manila right now. Of note, these are the ones classed by the MMDA as “not passable by light vehicles as of July 28. To this end, this list might change as flood levels rise or recede.

A picture of a flooded road in the Philippines

Also, pay attention to the MMDA alerts of social media channels for flood reports

City of Manila 

  • Vito Cruz LRT 
  • Quirino – Taft 
  • UN Taft (both directions) 
  • Padre Faura – Taft (both directions) 
  • Taft – NBI 
  • Malvar – Adriatico 
  • Pedro Gil – Taft 
  • Taft – PGH 
  • Kalaw to Roxas Blvd. 
  • Nakpil – Taft
  • Quirino - Leveriza 
  • Pedro Gil – Peñafrancia 
  • Abad Santos cor. Solis 
  • Rizal Ave. Tambunting 
  • Recto cor. Rizal Ave. 
  • Tayuman – Abad Santos 

Quezon City 

  • Quezon Ave. area 
  • Bgy. Tatalon – Araneta Victory 
  • Araneta – Quilantad 
  • Sto. Domingo Barangay Hall 
  • Bgy. Bagong Lipunan – Liberty St. 
  • 3rd to 4th Ave. – South Road 
  • Maceda to Dapitan 
  • Aurora – Dimasalang 
  • Dapitan Stretch 
  • España Stretch 


  • Haig Extension 
  • Bgy. Old Zaniga – J. Vicencio 


  • Bgy. 177 
  • Bgy. 180 
  • Bgy. 181 


⦁    Vicente Riyales 

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Cesar G.B. Miguel

Cesar G.B. Miguel


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