Mitsubishi to launch six new cars by 2020

Updated Oct 22, 2020 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Are you eager for the launch of the Mitsubishi Expander 2018 next year?

With a newly-launched 3-year strategic plan named “Drive for Growth”, Mitsubishi has harbored a great ambition of recording a growth of 30% in both revenues and sales by the end of 2019. In detail, the Japanese brand desires to reach annual unit sales of 1.3 million units and assumes JPY2.5 trillion (P1.14 trillion) in revenues. According to latest car news, the US, China and ASEAN region will be potential markets into which Mitsubishi wants to foray badly.

Mitsubishi lineups

Mitsubishi has harbored a great ambition of recording an increase of 30% in both sales and revenues by the end of 2019

"Drive for Growth is a new roadmap for Mitsubishi Motors. We will rebuild trust in our company as our highest priority, successfully launch new vehicles, and achieve a V-shaped financial recovery," stated Osamu Masuko - Mitsubishi Motors Chief Executive.

Mitsubishi also reveals that the company will put its main focus on AWD SUVs, pick-up trucks and even plug-in hybrid electric cars so as that these model will account for 70% of its global sales volume.

As part of its plan, a total of 11 new models will make debut on the open roads, six of them will be “entirely new model changes” including the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross and the Mitsubishi Xpander. Meanwhile, the remaining five models will allegedly be “important updates of existing vehicles.”

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Mitsubishi Expander 2018 angular front

The Mitsubishi Expander 2018 will officially hit our shores next year

At last, Mitsubishi also intends to introduce an all-electric kei car in the home market by 2020 along with other electrified models. Latest updates on upcoming Mitsubishi cars can be found in our Complete guide to the Mitsubishi Philippines' model lineup.