MG 3 - A small yet cool British inspired hatchback

Updated Nov 23, 2022 | Same topic: Latest Consumer Reports

The MG 3 stands up and boasts flavor all its own.

British car manufacturer Morris Garage brings to our country its high-quality MG 3 hatchback. The MG 3 comes with only a single version, the MG 3 1.5L COM MT. It embraces minimalism in its design language. In addition, the British inspired hatchback is adorned with minor aesthetic tweaks designed around the car’s classy body. 

Now, Filipino car enthusiasts will be given the chance to get up close and personal with this nice and cool MG 3.

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A red MG 3 angular front view

The MG 3 embraces minimalism in its design language

The small-yet-cool hatchback stands up and boasts flavor all its own. Listen carefully, everyone, the MG 3 will show us the secret to painting two different colors of paint. In addition, it is equipped with LED daytime running lights, a grille providing a minimalist look, a rear spoiler for a more subtle look, and good-looking 16-inch alloy wheels.

The car, however, probably is less playful on the inside. You can find out a huge amount of hard fabrics and plastics in the MG 3, which is quite terrible for some car lovers. In fact, soft dashboards and cushy fabrics are now hot sellers in the automotive market.

Want to fresh new look for the inside of your car? It will disappoint you as the MG 3’s cabin has a quite dark and simple appearance. But for very different exterior painting, dark or light on the inside doesn’t much matter. The hatchback comes with steering wheel controls, round aircon vents, and Bluetooth connectivity. It even gets unique amenity like an electrically operated sunroof.

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Two red Morris Garage cars

The MG 3 is adorned with minor aesthetic tweaks designed around the car’s classy body

The MG 3 is available with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine that delivers an output of 135Nm at 4,500rpm and 105hp at 6,000rpm, and is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission. It is now fetching P777,777.

The small-yet-cool hatchback has a sporty and young appearance that lets it to stand apart from several direct rivals. Deciding on the best Japanese small city hatches and subcompact sedans for sale is no simple task. It just so occurs that Japan has perfected and appreciated the art of the small things. If you’re want to buy a stand out in a sea of such Japan manufactured cars, the MG 3 might be definitely worth considering. 

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