inDrive to join ride-hailing service market in the Philippines

Updated Jul 11, 2023 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

The platform allows users to propose a fare for their ride.

A new ride-hailing service company is set to enter the Philippines to compete against Grab. This company is called inDrive, a California-based ride-hailing service platform launched in 2013.

inDrive driver and passenger

inDrive is arriving in the country

inDrive is entering the country with international experience in the ride-hailing and taxi market. It operates in 614 cities in 47 countries and is the second most downloaded mobility application in 2022. The company also has regional hubs in the Americas, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and countries in the CIS.

"We are looking forward to serving Filipinos and strengthening the local mobility sector," said inDrive Founder and CEO Arsen Tomsky. 

What sets inDrive apart from the competition is its versatile service which allows passengers to propose a fare for their ride. The fares are not dictated by an algorithm, which helps the app provide greater transparency to all users.

According to the company, it is also taking care of its drivers as they can accept, decline, or make a counteroffer without the risk of being penalized. This means drivers can choose to accept ride requests that they think are "cost-efficient, profitable, and convenient."

inDrive car front view

The platform allows passengers to propose a fare

In a bid to make rides safe, applicant drivers go through comprehensive background checks including verification of necessary documents, licenses, and permits.

The press release didn't mention when inDrive will start operating in the country. But considering Grab has been predominantly the go-to choice for ride-hailing service needs after Uber left in 2018, it is great that commuters look forward to new options that better suit their mobility needs thanks to the new player.

"Ride-hailing services are not just a matter of convenience, but a necessity. As the world returns to its busy state, moving around can be a challenge, particularly for people who do not own vehicles. We hope to ease this burden, while providing opportunities for drivers to earn more," added Tomsky.

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