Honda PH announces new car prices for 2018

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Mainly, prices climb to a new peak.

Recently, Honda Cars Philippines has officially announced the latest Honda car price list for 2018 model lineup. The new prices has already included new excise taxes under Republic Act 10963 or the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) which has been kicked off the effectivity since January 1, 2018.

Honda models

On the whole, the prices record slight increases from P8,000 to P121,000

The suggested retail prices (SRP) of 2018 Honda models are zigzagged, but on the whole, the prices record increases from P8,000 to P121,000.

For starters, the pricing for Honda’s hot-selling models, which are the BR-V and CR-V, moderately goes up. You are really lucky if you already brought the 7-seater Honda CR-V in 2017, to be honest.

Seeing an upsurge in prices is the Honda HR-V and Honda Civic. Their prices soar up by P121,000, especially in high-end variants.

While most of the models in the range are pricier, the price of Honda Odyssey EX-V Navi CVT sinks to new low point: P2,433,000 (decreases by P16,000). Not only that, that of the Honda Legend, Honda Pilot and Honda Civic Type R remains static.

Now, let’s look through the 2018 Honda car prices under the new excise taxes in the table below.

Honda car price list in the Philippines 2018 with the new excise taxes
 Models 2017 Price 2018 Price Difference
Honda City 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda City 1.5 E MT P770,000 P820,000 P50,000
Honda City 1.5 E CVT P810,000 P875,000 P47,000
Honda City 1.5 VX NAVI CVT P920,000 P958,000 P38,000
Honda City 1.5 VX+ NAVI CVT P1,010,000 P1,041,000 P31,000
Honda Civic 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Civic 1.8 E CVT P1,115,000 P1,138,000 P23,000
Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo CVT P1,425,000 P1,546,000 P121,000
Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo CVT Modulo P1,472,000 P1,587,000 P115,000
Honda Civic 1.5 RS Turbo Modulo Sport P1,537,000 P1,643,000 P106,000
Honda Civic 1.8 E CVT Modulo P1,170,000 P1,188,000 P18,000
Honda Civic Type R 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Civic Type R 2.0 MT Turbo P2,980,000 P2,980,000 0
Honda Accord 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Accord 2.4 S Navi P1,809,000 P1,884,000 P75,000
Honda Accord 3.5 SV AT V6 P2,309,000 P2,317,000 P8,000
Honda Jazz 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Jazz 1.5 V MT P799,000 P847,000 P48,000
Honda Jazz 1.5 V CVT P849,000 P893,000 P44,000
Honda Jazz 1.5 VX Navi CVT P949,000 P985,000 P36,000
Honda Jazz 1.5 RS Navi CVT P1,029,000 P1,058,000 P29,000
Honda CR-V 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda CR-V 1.6 SX Diesel 9AT AWD P2,049,000 P2,086,000 P37,000
Honda CR-V 1.6 S Diesel 9AT P1,759,000 P1,835,000 P76,000
Honda CR-V 1.6 V Diesel 9AT P1,569,000 P1,671,000 P102,000
Honda CR-V 2.0 S CVT P1,539,000 P1,648,000 P109,000
Honda HR-V 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda HR-V 1.8 E CVT P1,249,000 P1,260,000 P11,000
Honda HR-V 1.8 E CVT Modulo P1,309,000 P1,430,000 P121,000
Honda HR-V 1.8 EL CVT P1,359,000 P1,480,000 P121,000
Honda HR-V 1.8 EL CVT MUGEN P1,526,000 P1,634,000 P108,000
Honda HR-V 1.8 E CVT MUGEN P1,416,000 P1,537,000 P121,000
Honda BR-V 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda BR-V 1.5 S CVT P998,000 P1,030,000 P32,000
Honda BR-V 1.5 V Navi CVT P1,128,000 P1,149,000 P21,000
Honda BR-V 1.5 S CVT Modulo P1,044,000 P1,072,000 P28,000
Honda BR-V 1.5 V Navi CVT Modulo P1,194,000 P1,210,000 P16,000
Honda Legend 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Legend 3.5 Sport Hybrid SH-AWD P4,385,000 P4,385,000 0
Honda Mobilio 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Mobilio 1.5L RS Navi P1,029,000 P1,058,000 P29,000
Honda Mobilio 1.5L E P829,000 P874,000 P45,000
Honda Mobilio 1.5L V P909,000 P948,000 P39,000
Honda Odyssey 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Odyssey 2.4L EX-V Navi P2,449,000 P2,433,000 -P16,000
Honda Odyssey 2.4L EX CVT P2,039,000 P2,317,000 P40,000
Honda Pilot 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Pilot 3.5 EX-L AT P3,385,000 P3,385,000 0
Honda Brio 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Brio 1.3 S MT P619,000 P631,000 P12,000
Honda Brio 1.3 S AT P659,000 P671,000 P12,000
Honda Brio 1.3 V Navi AT P739,000 P791,000 P52,000
Honda Brio Amaze 2018 price in the Philippines
Honda Brio Amaze 1.3 E MT P639,000 P651,000 P12,000
Honda Brio Amaze 1.3 S AT P699,000 P712,000 P13,000
Honda Brio Amaze 1.3 V Navi AT P779,000 P828,000 P49,000

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Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has a total of 10 passenger cars with no commercial vehicle offerings for the local market.

Starting at Php 658,000 the most affordable Honda model in the Philippines is the Honda Brio, while the CR-V is the most expensive model at Php 2,290,000. The current lineup consists of four body types including crossover/SUV, sedan, hatchback, and MPV. Crossover/SUV includes Honda CR-V and Honda HR-V. As for the sedan models, HCPI offers the Honda City and Honda Civic. Moving to hatchbacks, there's the Honda Brio and Honda City Hatchback. Last but not the least is the Honda BR-V is classed as an MPV. 

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