Would you like a 360-degree camera on your Honda HR-V, BR-V? 

Updated May 31, 2021 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Some Philippine BR-V and HR-V owners would also want this. 

For the Malaysian market, Honda is now offering a 360-degree view parking camera for the Honda HR-V and BR-V crossover models. No, this is not some offer from another brand but a licensed Honda accessory. To be specific, they’re calling it the “Honda Recommended Advanced 360 HD Camera.”  

A picture of the Malay-spec Honda BR-V

The Honda BR-V for the Malaysian market

Like most 360-degree cameras in the market, the kit includes two cameras mounted on either side mirrors, one for the front end of the car and another for the rear. A top-down view is then fed to a touchscreen display to aid one in parking. This means that the said accessory is only available to higher-spec variants of the HR-V and BR-V that are fitted with a touchscreen. As for pricing, this kit can be had for RM3,300 (around Php 38,000) for all applicable cars. 

Of note, the said accessory is available as an option for all brand-new variants of the HR-V, and the top-spec BR-V V variants that are being sold in Malaysia. Otherwise, it can also be retrofitted on current cars, as long as they are the facelifted models sold from 2019 to the present year. 

How about the Philippine market? Well, Honda’s local arm is yet to say anything about introducing the 360-degree view camera package. Regardless, we can speculate that there could be a chance that the said 360-degree camera can be offered locally since the current versions of the HR-V and BR-V are similar to the ones sold in Malaysia.  

A picture of a promotional poster for the Honda 360-degree parking camear

The 360-degree view parking camera on the Honda HR-V 

There’s also the fact that parking here in the Philippines is as much of a pain as it is in Malaysia. Many of our side roads are filled to the brim, and so parking spaces in Metro Manila and Cebu City can be quite crowded. 

So, would you want the genuine Honda Recommended Advanced 360 HD Camera, or are you content on moving around your head as if it's on a swivel as you park?  

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The entry of the Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. in the sporty-looking MPV segment is the Honda BR-V. It may have a beefy and bold exterior, which is a crossover's clear characteristics, but technically, it remains an MPV. One of the significant advantages of the Honda BR-V against its competitors in the crossover segment is the number of seats that passengers can occupy. To be exact, this MPV can accommodate seven occupants. In the most recent update, Honda elevated the model’s appeal to the conscious Filipino car buyers. Technology-wise, the Honda BR-V is loaded with convenient features for both drivers and passengers. Powering this BR-V is the 1.5-liter i-VTEC gasoline mill with Continuously Variable Transmission developed by Honda Earth Dream Technology. It produces a maximum output of 118 horsepower and 145 Newton-meter of torque, making it the most powerful in its segment. The Honda BR-V is perfect for anyone who is on a tight budget. Honda Cars Philippines Inc. offers the Honda Accord in four variants, and they are the following: Honda BR-V 1.5S CVT, Honda BR-V 1.5S CVT Modulo, Honda BR-V 1.5V Navi CVT, and Honda BR-V 1.5V Navi CVT Modulo. Honda BR-V is available in six color options, namely Taffeta White, Modern Steel Metallic, Lunar Silver Metallic, Passion Red Pearl, Platinum White Pearl, and Premium Amber Metallic.

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