Honda Cars PH implements price increase across model lineup 

Updated Jan 04, 2023 | Same topic: Automotive Industry Updates

Some represent a significant leap from last year. 

If you have been eyeing a Honda as the first or latest addition to your garage, you might want to take a second look at your budget. This is because Honda Cars Philippines Inc. (HCPI) has announced significant price increases for almost its entire model range.

2023 Honda BR-V

All variants of the 2023 Honda BR-V are spared from the price adjustments

On its website, the automaker lists the updated prices for all but three of its offerings, with the price adjustments ranging from Php 10,000 to Php 139,000 more. 

As of this writing, only a handful of HCPI models have managed to retain their respective sticker prices. These include all variants of the new BR-V 7-seat subcompact crossover priced from Php 1,090,000 to Php 1,390,000, the entry-level Civic S Turbo CVT compact sedan with Honda Sensing at Php 1,368,000, and the top-spec HR-V RS Turbo CVT 5-seat subcompact crossover at Php 1,739,000. 

HCPI previously adjusted its prices in September 2022, prior to the arrival of the second-generation BR-V. The price increases covered select models such as the Brio small hatchback, the sedan and hatchback versions of the City subcompact model, the Civic compact sedan, and the CR-V compact crossover. In November, HCPI hinted at updated pricing for the 2023 HR-V, excluding the flagship trim.    

Honda HR-V S

The Honda HR-V S gets the biggest price increase

The company has yet to issue a statement on the reason for the price adjustments, although possible factors include continuing inflation and the struggles of the Philippine peso against international currencies. Here are the updated prices that HCPI has released for its model lineup: 

 Model Old price   New price
 Brio 1.2 S    Php 650,000  Php 680,000
 Brio 1.2 V  Php 742,000   Php 772,000
 Brio 1.2 RS  Php 798,000  Php 828,000
 Brio 1.2 RS Black Top  Php 808,000  Php 838,000
 City 1.5 S  Php 938,000  Php 953,000
 City 1.5 V  Php 1,018,000  Php 1,033,000
 City 1.5 RS  Php 1,078,000  Php 1,093,000
 City 1.5 RS Hatchback  Php 1,138,000  Php 1,153,000
 Civic V Turbo Honda Sensing  Php 1,568,000  Php 1,583,000
 Civic RS Turbo Honda Sensing  Php 1,760,000  Php 1,775,000
 CR-V 2.0 S  Php 1,753,000  Php 1,763,000
 CR-V S Diesel Honda Sensing  Php 1,993,000  Php 2,030,000
 CR-V SX Diesel AWD Honda Sensing  Php 2,253,000  Php 2,290,000
 HR-V S Honda Sensing   Php 1,250,000  Php 1,389,000
 HR-V V Turbo Honda Sensing   Php 1,598,000  Php 1,649,000

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Know more about Honda


Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) has a total of 10 passenger cars with no commercial vehicle offerings for the local market.

Starting at Php 658,000 the most affordable Honda model in the Philippines is the Honda Brio, while the CR-V is the most expensive model at Php 2,290,000. The current lineup consists of four body types including crossover/SUV, sedan, hatchback, and MPV. Crossover/SUV includes Honda CR-V and Honda HR-V. As for the sedan models, HCPI offers the Honda City and Honda Civic. Moving to hatchbacks, there's the Honda Brio and Honda City Hatchback. Last but not the least is the Honda BR-V is classed as an MPV. 

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