Report confirms irregularities in Toyota Wigo, Rush, Raize crash testing

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The Philippine-spec versions are spared from this fiasco. 

Daihatsu Motor Co., Ltd. has laid bare the official results of a third-party committee investigation into the alleged lapses by the company in safety testing its products. The findings, which were already submitted to Daihatsu’s parent company, Toyota Motor Corporation, indicate that over 64 models and three engines were found to have irregularities. 

A picture of the Toyota Raize

The JDM Raize is included in the list of affected products

The indicated number includes currently produced, developed, and discontinued models. Among them are 22 models (both discontinued and in production) and one engine sold in Japan and other markets as Toyota products. 

If one remembers, it was found out back in May 2023 that there were lapses in the side collision crash testing on Daihatsu-produced cars. According to an earlier report, Daihatsu allegedly rigged the cars to improve its side collision crash tests in order to get a better safety rating for its cars. This of course violated the regulations governing the said test. 

It was also found that beyond the crash testing issue, a total of 174 items within 25 test categories were irregular as well. So for now, further investigation is ongoing. 

A picture of the Daihatsu global HQ

Daihatsu global headquarters located in Osaka, Japan. [Photo: Tokumeigakarinoaoshima, Wikicommons]

For reference, here are the currently produced models that were found to be affected by the issue: 


Start of sales 

Manufacturing plant 

Affected regions/countries 

Agya (Wigo) 

March 2023 

PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) 

Ecuador, Uruguay, Cambodia 


January 2018 

ADM/Perodua Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd. (PMSB) Production ended October 2023 

Ecuador, Malaysia 


November 2021 

ADM/Toyota Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (TMMIN)/Toyota Motor Vietnam Co., Ltd. (TMV) 

Indonesia, Mexico, Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Peru, Bolivia 


November 2021 


Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Mexico, Thailand 


April 2021 


Ecuador, Mexico 

Yaris (Vios) 

August 2022 

TMT/Assembly Services Sdn. Bhd. (ASSB) 

Mexico, Malaysia 

Yaris Cross 

August 2023 


Cambodia, Chile, Uruguay 


From Dec. 2008 to Dec. 2015 (discontinued) 

Takaoka Plant, Toyota Motor Co. Ltd.  


Apart from the global models listed above, likewise affected are several Japanese Domestic Products (JDM) which are currently in production as of December 20, 2023. Among these are the Copen compact convertible, Pixis van, Pixis truck, the JDM-spec Raize, Town Ace kei van, and Probox wagon/van. 

It was also discovered by the investigation committee that two products, the Daihatsu Cast and Toyota Pixis kei cars, have unlocking mechanisms that did not meet safety standards during the side collision test. The committee suggested further action in particular for these two models. 

On that note, the lapses on the part of Daihatsu are on a global scope and are quite damaging to the image of Toyota. The erring Toyota subsidiary, however, has since vowed to take appropriate action moving forward. Shipment of these products (Toyota and Daihatsu) to the countries noted above will be ceased temporarily as well. 

A picture of Toyota and Daihatsu executives.

Toyota and Daihatsu executives detailing the results of the third-party investigation

Toyota will also cooperate further with the investigation. It will likewise provide Daihatsu its full support to revitalize the company and aid it in making a return to form as a “compact mobility company.” 

Specifically, Daihatsu’s company components will likewise come into review. This includes its certification operations, management, and business operations, as well as its organization and structure as a whole. Its human resource development will likewise see some changes. 

As per the table provided by Toyota though, it appears that products released in the Philippine market were spared. Then again, do note that the brands involved are still carrying out more investigations, so follow Philkotse for more updates on this. 

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