This E-scooter can do 40 km/h and full-tilt steering

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The developer calls it a hyperscooter.

E-scooters have grown in popularity to the point that a number of Filipinos choose to use them for their commutes. It is easy to use and environmentally friendly as it doesn’t need fuel to run. With the growing demand for e-scooters, London-based personal recreation vehicle company D-Fly is presenting its own take with the Dragonfly.

This is the world's first hyperscooter

The Dragonfly Hyperscooter comes with a comprehensive build that takes e-scooters to the next level. For the suspension, the Dragonfly has a 4-wheel dual independent damped suspension setup, which can help the e-scooter drive even in off-road conditions. Its unique four-wheel carbon fiber platform and full-tilt steering set the Dragonfly apart from the rest.

Powering the Dragonfly are two 550-watt motors that can produce a peak power of 1,650 watts. The e-scooter comes with three drive modes, namely the D1 (15 km/h), D2 (25 km/h), and D3 (40 km/h). It also comes with a reverse ride mode that has a maximum speed of 5 km/h.

Dragonfly hyperscooter

D-Fly Dragonfly

All of these features offer a smooth, safe and comfortable ride. Moreover, the Dragonfly can provide you with a spirited riding experience as D-Fly built the machine to give riders the confidence to go fast even on rough roads. Once you’re done, the e-scooter can be conveniently folded for easier storage in your car's trunk or luggage compartment.

“The urban mobility industry is burgeoning, and we realized a need for a more advanced, high-quality product that would usher in a new era of e-mobility. With Dragonfly, we are confident that we have created something truly special that will change the way people move around cities and not only today but forever,” said D-Fly Group CEO Jez Williman.

D-Fly Dragonfly front view

This is one versatile e-scooter

The Dragonfly is available in two variants, namely the DF and off-road-ready DFX. You can check out the Dragonfly’s listing page to see the latest pricing including shipping availability. For your reference, here is the list of specifications of the Dragonfly:


Two motors. 1000w total (500w each). 1650W Peak Power

Ride Modes

D1, D2, D3

On Board Display

3.5-inch digital screen


On-board ride sounds, spoken navigation, and electric horn with the accessory sound pod

Autonomy/Charge Input



10-inch pneumatic tires

Charging Time

Three hours (80 km range)


16.8 kg

Lights (forward)

Automotive grade twin headlights, pulsing LED side-light turn indicators

Lights (rear)

LED light bar with turn signals indicating lights, braking, and turn signals

GPS tracking security system

If someone tampers with the scooter, it sends an audible alarm. It can also detect the scooter’s current location

Smart locker

Four-digit pin brings the latest news in e-mobility innovations.

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