Cleanfuel helps motorists make the everyday drive count

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The fuel brand not only takes care of cars, but the people who drive them.

When it comes to their preferred fuel, Filipino motorists are always on the lookout for superb performance that fits right in their budget. Pricier brands are not always an option especially with limited finances, while customers can be leery of smaller players that may be cheaper, but offer products of dubious quality.

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Cleanfuel is an affordable yet quality choice for Filipino motorists

Cleanfuel presents a viable third choice. As a homegrown company marketing fuels and peripheral products, it caters to the needs of motorists and their cars, at a price point that’s easily within reach of the average Filipino car owner.

The company is one of the country’s pioneers in the use of Auto LPG as an alternative to conventional gasoline, with its conversion kits well-received by taxi fleet operators and drivers as a means to reduce costs while maximizing income.

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Cashless transactions give more convenience for its customers

On regular drives from point A to point B, motorists get exceptional value and savings when gassing up on Cleanfuel, whether it’s unleaded or premium gasoline, diesel, or Auto LPG.

All Cleanfuel products are compliant with Euro 4 emissions standards, ensuring cleaner journeys with every kilometer traveled. Free tune-ups are also offered for all vehicles equipped with LPG kits, even those that were installed by other companies.

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Spacious, well-maintained restrooms provide comfort during stops

But the brand goes beyond what goes into the fuel tank, as Cleanfuel also ensures that its customers are well looked after along the vehicles that they drive. Cleanfuel branches feature the biggest airconditioned restrooms of any gas station chain, free for customers to use for their utmost comfort and convenience.

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The Cleanfuel VIP Loyalty Rewards Card is the customer's gateway to exclusive perks

For PUV drivers who work long hours on the road, select branches Cleanfuel branches are also equipped with a driver’s lounge with bunk beds and mattresses for overnight rests when necessary. These amenities are available to Cleanfuel VIP Loyalty Rewards cardholders.

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Quality products with top-notch customer service is Cleanfuel's edge over its competitors

With its operations focused on Luzon at present, Cleanfuel strives to make its mark in the industry as the country’s fastest-growing independent fuel company. Its combination of quality products and top-notch customer service definitely enables Filipino motorists to make their own everyday drive count.

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