2018 Toyota Prius Philippines: Hybrid model, Price & Specs Review

Updated Mar 01, 2021

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This Toyota Prius 2018 Philippines review is exclusively for hybrid car lovers. Find out all about the Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid in terms of price, specs & more.

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2018 Toyota Prius Philippines: Great green car for a green world

Hyper efficient, high tech and practical are all about hybrid vehicles, but they’re boring and absolutely the most desirable cars in the market today. However, you will change your mind after reading our Toyota Prius 2018 Philippines review.

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid angular front

The Prius, unlike anything on the street today, features a glossier look, a new and more solid platform

The Prius, unlike anything on the street today, features a glossier look, a new and more solid platform but still remains the frugality of a hybrid. Now, let’s find out together what this noted hybrid from Toyota has to offer.

Toyota Prius Hybrid 2018

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2018 Toyota Prius Philippines: Exterior Review

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid front view

The fourth-gen Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid looks polarizing

The fourth-gen Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid looks polarizing. However, it can be said that Toyota has successfully turned the previous Prius, which is securely attached to a conservative design, into a more rugged and daring model. It’s exactly the “Kammback” design inspired by the hydrogen Mirai that further beautifies the car’s look. In particular, the Prius has a unique tail which has been hastily cut off for better airflow. To be honest, it’s the most impressive hybrid’s rear we’ve ever seen. Besides, the distinct taillights which are provocative, unconventional or wicked may be the most striking part at the rear. We are confident that if you drive the new Prius around town, it will catch more eyes and odd looks from passers-by who find it either handsome or out of this world.

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid rear view

The Prius has a unique tail which has been hastily cut off for better airflow

When it comes to the front fascia, the Boomerang LED headlamps with DRLs give the hybrid a pronounced façade while the sloped roofline shows a well-rounded and sleek greenhouse area.

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid side view

In the next-gen Prius, Toyota does not hesitate to show anything they want any longer

For the most part, in the next-gen Prius, Toyota does not hesitate to show anything they want any longer. We’re fully appreciated the new bold styling on the 2018 Prius.


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Kia Stinger

Model Price Philippines

₱ 3,235,000

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Model Price Philippines

₱ 1,251,000

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Model Price Philippines

₱ 2,442,000 - ₱ 2,457,000

2018 Toyota Prius Philippines: Interior Review

If the Japanese car marque has significantly revamped the Prius exterior coming for 2018, its interior tells a different story. That said, it’s still awesome given that it’s sedated yet ergonomic and even harmoniously combines tried-and-tested and futuristic designs together.

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid interior

The Toyota Prius 2018 interior harmoniously combines tried-and-tested and futuristic designs together

All of the seats and the steering wheel are wrapped in leather for a premium look. At the same time, the center console is painted white and it’s now smooth to the touch. Outstandingly, the white and black motif blending with the car’s new funky design is actual a welcome modification which is absent from most modern cars. Beyond that, aqua blue contrast stitching on leather seats also boasts a more upscale feel, alongside neat touches of gloss black trim.

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid seats

The Prius cabin is very generous with a large amount of leg- and elbow room

The Prius cabin is very generous with a large amount of leg- and elbow room. Headroom is also enough to keep the driver, front and rear passengers as well. Owing to bigger dimensions, more cargo space is created. A 502 L luggage trunk is sufficient to carry a raft of bags. If you want to load more onto your vehicle, let the rear seats down.

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid cargo trunk

A 502 L luggage trunk is sufficient to carry a raft of bags

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2018 Toyota Prius Philippines review: Accessories

Located at the center of the dash are a 4.2-inch instrument panel with multi-info display and a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system. The graphics are pleasing to our eyes on both systems, meaning tripmeter, system status, fuel consumption, and other info are more legible. As for sound system, a set of 10 JBL speakers will be helpful for you to feel the beat.

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid touchscreen

Located at the center of the dash is a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system

2018 Toyota Prius 2018 Engine Review: How about performance?

The Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid is motivated by a 1.8L DOHC 4-cylinder 2ZR-FXE engine which is just capable of 99 PS @ 5,200 rpm and 142 Nm @ 3,600 rpm. Thankfully, an electric motor also donates 72 PS and 163 Nm, increasing the total power and torque to 134 PS and 207 Nm.

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid engine bay

The 2018 Prius hybrid is motivated by a 1.8L DOHC 4-cylinder 2ZR-FXE engine

Being a hybrid, the Prius always warms up on electric mode. This consequently makes the car run with a sound of a beep. Also available is an Eco Score Display which allows driver to follow the amount of input put on the accelerator. If you just move around the city, power from the electric motor is enough to get you around. However, when pushing it beyond the halfway mark, the car is forced to use power from the 1.8L engine. The transition is so smooth and tranquil that you can only feel it when looking at the multi-info display or listening in on the powertrain.

With reference to fuel consumption, our hybrid consumes over 20.0 km/L in city driving. It’s more fuel efficient when traversing clearer terrains with decent figure of 23.0 km/L. On the highway, on the other hand, it averages between 17.0 – 18.0 km/L of fuel since driving at high speeds means the engine, not the electric motor, has to work in hustle.

Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid on the road

Acceleration is praiseworthy in the 2018 Toyota Prius hybrid

Acceleration is praiseworthy in the Prius. When you shift to “Power” mode, you can rocket the car faster. Meanwhile, “Normal” and “Eco” driving modes are just used for daily rides. Once you release your foot of the accelerator, the powertrain will go back to the electric power.

Your batteries can be recharged while moving owing to regenerative braking. Likewise, the system can recharge itself while the engine is operating and when coasting down an incline.

Agility is not highly rated in hybrid models, yet Toyota has proved that perception absolutely wrong. Riding on the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) platform, turning corners is no more than a pushover although you still feel the batteries’ weight. Further, the electronic power steering was finely weighted even if the Japanese brand could have made it give more feedback since it was rather numb. Though the next-gen Prius’ ride quality is not as comfortable as the last version, it still performs admirably on tough roads, potholes and rutted streets.

It is an undeniable that the 2018 Toyota Prius is replete with an abundant list of refinements. Nonetheless, it would certainly be better if Toyota can cover up several imperfections. First, the rear visibility is limited because the spoiler has got in the way of the rear window. Second, the steering wheel is a bit low, notably for tall drivers. Next, the heater controls for the front seats may be taxing to switch on or off as they are mounted well below the center console. Lastly, the hybrid comes with low-rolling resistance eco-tires, so it is necessary to improve tire noise insulation.

2018 Toyota Prius 2018 Philippines: How much is it?

Despite new excise taxes, the pricing for the 2018 Prius is P217,000 lower than the Toyota Prius 2017. For now, it can be had for P2,205,000 only.

Toyota Prius 2018 price list
Model 2017 SRP 2018 SRP Difference
2018 Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid P2,422,000 P2,205,000 -P217,000
2018 Toyota Prius 1.8 Hybrid White Pearl P2,437,000 P2,220,000 -P217,000

2018 Toyota Prius Philippines: Specifications

Toyota Prius 2018 Specs in the Philippines
Model Toyota Prius 2018 1.8L Hybrid
  • 1.8-liter DOHC 16-valve Inline-4
  • Electric Motor
Transmission Type CVT
Max Power
  • 99 PS @ 5,200 rpm (Engine)
  • 72 PS (Motor)
Max Torque
  • 142 Nm @ 3,600 rpm (Engine)
  • 163 Nm (Motor)
Price P2,205,000

2018 Toyota Prius Philippines Review: Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons of Toyota Prius 2018
  • Bigger vehicle dimensions
  • Better gas mileage
  • Revamped exterior and interior
  • Low engine output
  • Not very affordable

2018 Toyota Prius Philippines Review: Verdict

In conclusion, if you are an eco-friendly Pinoy motorist and want to be the center of attention, the Toyota Prius 2018 hybrid is undoubtedly a top pick in the current market. Sadly, it seems that we have not seen a many of them roaming the streets. So, expectedly in the future, the government and dealerships will bring more incentives for buying hybrid vehicles.

We also hope that this Toyota Prius 2018 Philippines review is helpful to you. To read more in-depth review of hot-selling vehicles in the Philippines by Philkotse.com, please click here.