How to remove tire from rim at home in 5 steps

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Do this without using special tools.

Removing the tire from the rim, or the outer lip of the wheel, of your car is probably something that you will hardly do in your daily drive. Most tires sold in the market already come with a wheel so this job is unlikely to be experienced.

However, it is still important that you have an idea of how to remove a tire from a rim as part of being a car owner. There could be moments when you want to change your tires but not your wheels, or you have a flat tire but you only have a spare tire without a wheel at the back of your car.

Car spare tires

Most cars come with spare tire and wheel already

In short, knowing how to remove a tire from a rim can be handy. Plus, you can help your friends with their cars if they ever need assistance with changing a tire. That said, let’s discuss five steps you can do to remove a tire from a rim.

Of note, these steps include simple tools only that you can probably find at home. Automotive shops come with a machine called the tire changer which eases the job. You can remove a tire from a rim in just five to 10 minutes after few practices.

How to remove a tire from a rim for free in 5 minute

Tools you need

  • Jack
  • Crowbar or Prybar
  • Lubricant
  • Valve Core Removal Tool
  • Screwdriver
  • Long wood
  • Hammer

Step #1: Deflate the tire

The first and easiest step is to deflate the tire that you will remove. You cannot work with a well-inflated tire as it will resist all of the efforts you will put to remove the tire from the wheel. You will need a valve core removal tool to start the deflation process.

Valve core removal tools are inexpensive so it is ideal that you keep at least two in your car just in case you lose one. Some even come in packages for different air cap or valve core sizes. To get started, stick your valve core removal tool to the tire’s air cap. Once it is in, turn the valve core removal tool counterclockwise to remove the air cap.

After it is removed, let the air hiss out of the tire. Keep in mind that the pressure from the tire will shoot out once your close to reaching the end of the thread so it is recommended to get a good hold of your valve core removal tool.

A flat tire

It is also important to know how to fix a flat tire

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Step #2: Remove the tire bead

The tire bead is the edge of the tire that sticks firmly on to the rim of the wheel. If the tire is inflated, it is almost impossible to get rid of the tire bead. This is the most critical step in removing a tire from a wheel so it will require more effort.

There are two methods you can do to remove the tire bead. The first method is by using a jack. To do this, use the weight of the vehicle to press against the tire using a jack. Lift the car with the jack with the tire as the base ground.

Tools on a table

Use to right tools to avoid unwanted damages

Make sure that the jack is placed on top of the tire and not on the wheel. Doing this will prevent you from damaging your wheel. Keep pumping the jack until you hear a subtle pop. That sound will tell you that the tire bead has been broken. Do this on the other side of the tire and you should be done.

Another method is an easier one and it only requires you to have a long piece of wood and your car. To do this, place the wood on top of the bead part. Again, make sure to place it away from the alloy wheel to avoid unwanted damage.

A pile of wood

Be sure that the wood is strong enough to hold your car in place

Once the wood is firmly in place, drive through the wood using a car. Of note, do not drive to the end of the wood for safety measures. Stop the car before the area of the tire and use a hammer to break the tire bead.

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Step #3: Lubricate the rim

To make the removal of the tire from the rim easier, use a lubricant. This will help you remove the rim efficiently and avoid scratches. Put a lubricant all around the front and rear side of the tire to complete this process.

Step #4: Loosen the tire

Grab your screwdriver and pry bar to start loosening your tire. Lay the tire against the ground and use the pry bar to make a space between the rim and the tire. Hold the pry bar in place as you use your screwdriver to loosen the tire up the wheel. Work your way around the tire until all the rubber is on top of the wheel.

A car's tire on a road

Tires usually last for around five years

Do this step on the opposite side of the tire as well. If you feel like the tire is not coming off, you can add more lubricants to the areas that are difficult to work on. Just remember to work at your own pace to avoid unwanted scratches on the wheel.

Step #5: Remove the tire from the rim

The last and final step is to remove the tire from the rim. This should be an easy step considering that all securing points are now loose. You can use a pry bar to slide the wheel out of the tire from the back end. Work your way around the wheel until you completely remove the tire from the rim.

Tire Removal: FAQs

Q: What is a tire bead?

A tire bead is used to firmly hold the tire on the rim of a wheel.

Q: What is the difference between a rim and a wheel?

A rim is the outer lip of a wheel, hence it is only a part of the entirety of a wheel.

Q: What are the different types of tires?

There are a wide array of tires available in the aftermarket such as all-season, performance, winter, and all-terrain.

Q: How much are car tires in the Philippines?

The price depends on the type and the build quality. Tires can range from Php 3,000 to Php 25,000. Some are even priced higher.

Q: What is the easiest way to remove a tire from a rim?

The easiest way to remove a tire from a rim to by using a dedicated tire changing machine.

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