How to spot new car owners in the Philippines

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Stuff that only new car owners understand!

Nowadays, in the Philippines, you will notice that in almost every mall you go to, may it be in the metro or in the provinces, you will see car displays in the activity centers inside or outside the mall. You will be surprised to see the super low down payments displayed on the dashboard of every car you see. Most of it ranging from as low as five thousand to more or less ten to fifteen thousand. How affordable, right?

If you’re a young professional working in a call center or other companies in the city, then you have a good starting pay. You’ll even think that in a few months of working hard and OTs, you’ll be able to buy your first brand new car from the salary you’re getting. Yes, it’s not impossible anymore. So you do all the best to achieve that.

Mall displays of car promos

Car mall displays in the PH that offer very affordable payments

With the fact that it’s pretty easy to own a car nowadays, it is not surprising that a wave of new and first time car owners and drivers start to flood the streets. Sometimes, no matter how they try to be discreet, there will always be a way to find out if the person in front of you in a parking lot or in the traffic is a new car owner. There will always be practices that make them a true blue new car owners.

So, how do these owners treat their new car and lifestyle like? I’m curious too – Let give you the answer!

1. They keep their cars shiny

Yes, this is something super true. Almost all of my friends who own a new car always have their ride squeaky clean. I don’t see them a day at work without seeing their car dirty or dusty. They always have a microfiber towel in hand so in case they spot a little dirt in any panels, they’ll be ready to wipe them all off. Since they’ve spent just a few or weeks or months with their new car, they are kind of aggressive in terms of maintaining its cleanliness.

Shiny new cars equals shiny new onwers

New car owners would want their car to always be shiny and clean

2. Seeing their new car as frequent as possible is happiness

It might be a weird habit, but most people I knew who bought something new would like to have their new stuff visible to them most of the time. Maybe out of happiness and disbelief that they have finally bought what they want after waiting for a long time. A car is no exception.

As new car owners, they will always check their car as frequent as they can. If they’re in the office, they might go down to the parking during breaks and check their car, or may it be at home. They will always want to look at their fruit of labor.

a man holding a car

Car clingy that they would wanna see their car as much as possible

3. Traffic is never a problem

For old timers, traffic is one hell of a painstaking ride. Bumper to bumper, step on the pedals on and off, arms and hands feeling tingly hanging by the steering wheel – such an exhaustion. However, if you are a new car owner, traffic will still be fine with you.

You’ll just enjoy the leathery smell of your brand new car while singing along to your favorite song and enjoying the cool air conditioning. You’d also enjoy the second look that other drivers and commuters give you as you drive past them.

a man driving a car

New car owners may still find happiness while driviing in traffic

4. Kind of Paranoid

I know several new car owners who are ridiculously paranoid with their new ride. Like with a little sound coming from behind, they’re already thinking that someone or something might have hit their rear bumper. Hearing an unusual sound has them thinking that it could be a great deal of repair. Seeing a heavy line of dust on the side panels may sound like a scratch to them.

They think a lot of things just because they want to preserve the beauty and functionality of their new car, which is good but not all the time.

5. Parking / Reverse / Getting out of Parking Lot Dilemma

This is very common to new car owners. They try so hard to protect their new car so much to the point that whenever they move an inch or two while parking, they go out of the car and check if they have hit anything. In reality, they don’t really have to do so as there’s very little chance that new cars will hit other things blocking their way given the technology that are preinstalled in the new models.

They are pretty equipped when it comes to parking or reverse assistance, even in driving along. Modern cars are equipped with sensors, cameras and visual and audio warning devices that alert the driver when they are nearing another vehicle and or other things.

New car owners usually take longer time to get out of the parking lot

6. Car interior is neat, well-organized and smells good

Alongside with the shiny exterior is a very neat interior. Who wouldn’t like to consistently smell the leathery scent of a new car seat, right? For new car owners, they still find time to keep the interior clean and smelling good.

However, once you have been driving your car longer, you’ll notice that the keenness to keep it clean and fragrant just fades. You’ll later find yourself being on the go too much, eating breakfast and drinking coffee in the car, putting things on the passengers’ seats until they pile up until you’ve totally forsaken your car interiors. Sad, but mostly true.

a car interior

The inside of the car is still clean when you are new to having a car

7. Long road trips are blissful

New car owners won’t forget how their first long journey with their new car was like. Since they are fairly new to driving, it’s normal that every weekend or even midweek, they will have the urge to have an impromptu getaway with their new ride. Long roads to nowhere are still pleasant to drive because they are at peace knowing that their car is new so a breakdown is nowhere near the horizon.

driving a car on the road

New car owners may still be happy driving for hours on the road

Having a new car and being a new car owner and driver is such an exhilarating experience. Although these things fade as you go along, at least at one point you’re able to enjoy the feeling of driving your first car.

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