How much does it cost to repaint my car?

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Hint: It’s not just about the service itself.

I. Introduction to car repaints

There are two main reasons why people avail of painting services. The first one is because of damages or scratches. Damage on your car paint can happen even unintentionally. In fact, as small as dust can even damage your car paint big time.

So in other words, it is almost inevitable. But of course, you can reduce the risk of having your car scratched by parking your car in an enclosed garage or having it washed or waxed regularly. If you have a car finished in black, then your car is more likely to show scratches or watermarks. If you have a light-colored vehicle, then you might want to inspect your car for scratches as it is more difficult to spot them.

Rear view of a classic car in a paint shop

A fresh paint is one of the best mods you can put on your car

The second reason why people avail of painting services is because they want a fresh new car paint. Who doesn’t anyway? The only reason why a lot of people stick with their original car paint is that having a new one can be really expensive.

A full-body car repaint price in the Philippines is around Php 30,000. If only repainting a car costs less than it should be, then you would probably see streets filled with wide arrays of color variations. 

Whatever your reason for repainting your car, the cost will always be the utmost factor to consider. With that being said, when you are planning to have your car repainted, here are the estimated car repaint price in the Philippines.

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II. Car repaint price in the Philippines

The color of your car paint will be the first thing people will look at. A good car paint finish will always leave an impression to people so you must choose wisely.

Solid paints are the most common paint job you can get. This kind of paint job can be dubbed as the standard paint option thanks to its affordable price tag and availability. For this paint, you would have to prepare around Php 30,000 or more. The price can still vary depending on the color’s availability.

A red car getting painted

You might want to inspect your car if it needed repainting

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There are some auto paint shops that ask for less than the said price. You can even get a whole body repaint for around Php 15,000 only. However, you should always consider the conditions in the auto shop as they can badly affect the final output of the painting process.

If you wish to paint a certain panel of your car only, then it would take around Php 5,000. This works best on painting a panel with minor scratches or damages only. It will save both of your time and money.

There are more types of paint jobs that are not as available as solid paints. This includes matte paints, pearl paints, and metallic paints. These paints will surely make your car stand out on the road as only a few people use them.

If you wish to paint your car with one of these, then expect to spend more than Php 50,000 for whole body paint. It is best to contact your local automotive paint shop to avail of these exclusive and prestigious paint jobs.

There are other factors you need to consider besides the cost of repainting your car. This includes the maintenance of your new car paint. One of the best ways to keep your car paint intact is to wash and wax it regularly. On average, you should wash your car every two to three weeks, depending on the dirt your car accumulated.

Example of a pearlescent paint job

Example of a pearlescent paint job

Washing your car can remove the particles that can scratch or damage your car paint. You can either have your car washed in a carwash service which would cost you around Php 130.

Another tip is you should wax your car at least every three months. Waxing your car will not only make your car look shinier, but it will also keep your car paint in place. On average, you would have to spend around Php 3,000.

Car repaint price Philippines is not as affordable as it seems. This is why you should maintain it at all times. Elongating the lifespan of your car paint will not only save you money in the long run, but it will also make your car look new at all times.

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III. What does the law say about car repaints?

To start off, repainting your car is not, in any form, against the law. However, there are a few requirements the Land Transportation Office (LTO) enforced for every motorist who repainted their vehicle.

Here are the following requirements motorists should present for changing car color:

  • Original and photocopy of Certification of Registration
  • Original official Receipt (OR) of MVUC and other fees
  • Joint affidavit of change color of owner and painter
  • Original PNP-TMG MV Clearance Certificate for change color
  • Duly accomplished and Approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
  • Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)

Of note, LTO is imposing a Php 30 fee on every motorist who changed the color of their car. It’s not much but at least it’s good to know so you can bring with you the right amount on your next visit.

The LTO logo with a blurred man painting a car at the back

Be sure to pay corresponding fees to avoid inconvenience

IV. FAQs about car repainting

Question: How much does it cost to get new paint for my car in the Philippines?

Answer: There are still a lot of factors to consider as to how much paintwork on your car will cost. Some of which include the size of your car and the color of paint you wish to incorporate.  On average, you would have to spend around Php 35,000 to have your whole car painted.

Question: How long will a new paint last on my car?

Answer: To start, paints are made to last for a very long time. You would probably wish for new paint before your paint wears off. The answer depends on how you take care of your car after repainting it. Exposing your newly painted car in extreme environments such as direct sunlight or windy areas can worsen your car paint. Take care of your car and it will take care of you.

Question: How long is the process of repainting a car?

Answer: There is no magic number as to how long repainting a car will take. The expertise and availability of your paint technician, as well as how large the painted area are the primary factors in determining how long will it take to repaint your car. On average, repainting a car would take around two to three days. The process includes the installation and the drying phase.

Question: Can I repaint my car on my own?

Answer: The answer actually depends on your expertise when it comes to car repainting. If you have been working in auto shops, then you can probably work on painting your car. Painting your car on your own sure is a good thing considering you wouldn’t have to pay for an auto paint shop’s labor fees. But if you don’t have experience and you rely on online painting guidelines, then it is highly recommended not to paint your car on your own. Even long-time auto paint technicians are having a rough time painting a car that would like its fresh from the factory.

Question: What are the things I can do to make my paint last longer?

Answer: There are many environmental factors that can severely damage your car’s paint. That’s why it is recommended to park your car inside an enclosed garage. This will protect your car paint, especially from harsh sun lights. If you don’t have a garage and you won’t use your car for a very long time, it is recommended to put your car with a cover. An additional tip is to wash or wax your car on a regular basis. This will remove dirt and dusts that can scratch your car.

A bird dirt on a car

Take care of your newly painted car for it to last longer

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