5 practical habits to make you a good car owner-slash-driver in the Philippines

Updated Aug 23, 2018 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Check out these following 5 good practices, then you can be the best person for your car.

And you know what? Your very own car, although unable to express it to you, treats you as its person – the only one that matters, the only one that his or her loyalty lies to, the only one that he or she will serve as long as they can. Given the fact that they are willing to serve you every single day and be there at your disposal it is only rightful for you to take good care of your car in the smallest way that you can.

So, always remember that you are your car’s person!

a man hugging his car

Much as you love your car, you can be sure that the feeling is equally mutual

Now, how do you do your part to be your car’s person? In what ways can you be a good car owner-slash-driver? Let’s look into good driver and driving habits from Philkotse.com that can make you to be the greatest car owner ever.

1. Do a daily personal routine check to your car

The simplest and most effective way to make sure that you pay extra attention and care to your car. Before you leave for work, just walk around your car to inspect it carefully for simple, light scratches, tire pressure, dirt that you can instantly remove like bird droppings, leaks underneath, loose gas cap, or failing windshield wiper.

Man checking his car

A quick daily check around your car can let you know if there's something going on that needs fixing

This may sound not sensible at all because it’s way too simple, however, these little things can help you be aware if there’s already something wrong with your vehicle. You’re not only checking if your car looks good, but you also care for their welfare.

2. Never forget to lock your car doors

Sometimes we tend to forget locking our car doors especially when we are in a hurry. By doing that, we don’t only compromise our own safety, but we are almost giving our precious car away to the bad people.

Yes, we don’t really intend to leave our car unlocked, but hey, practice makes perfect – so always practice locking your car door, may it be through a handy remote or using your keys. Set an alarm on your phone at a specific time, say the time you should arrive in your office and name it “Lock your car” to remind you until it becomes a habit.

locking a car door

Always lock your car's door to prevent any unwanted incidents that compromise your safety

This is highly important to ensure you and your car’s safety and protection from thieves or people with bad intentions.

3. Always wear your seatbelt!

I feel that this is almost always neglected, perhaps because the seatbelt law in the Philippines is not taken too seriously. Imagine yourself not wearing a seatbelt while you’re sitting in the front passenger seat and your car loses brakes and control and suddenly crashes somewhere?

Woman wearing seat belt

Wearing seatbelt is important as it saves your life during accidents

Scary and gross at you can imagine, but yes, reality is, you will be flying off from your car through the windshield. You surely don’t want that to happen, right? So, for your own sake and safety, put your seatbelt on every time you sit on your car, may it be in front or back, even if you’re just travelling for a short distance. Accidents are always unplanned and can happen anytime so it pays to take extra care of yourself by wearing your seatbelt.

4. Keep your car clean inside out

Another way to show your car some love and care is by cleaning them every day, inside and out. A simple dusting off your car after a long day and picking up little pieces of trash from your car’s interior can definitely give quite a relief to your car.

a car interior

A clean car inside out ensures good looks, good impressions and good health for all passengers

By doing this, you’re not only making your car look good inside and look flashy-like-new outside, but you are also making sure that your car doesn’t give any health hazards to anyone whom you’re giving a ride home to.

5. Take time in driving

If you’re going to think of it, you will always get to your destination without rushing too much or driving too fast. If you drive too fast, the chances of you getting engaged in a car accident are high, compromising your own safety and your money going down the drain to pay for damages for your own and the other party’s car too. So, I suggest to take your time in driving.

a wonan driving a car

Don't drive fast - it will keep you safe and your car well maintained too

I know you just want to get to work on time, but you can do that by getting up earlier so you can leave the house with enough time to get to work and without rushing – this would be the safest way to not be late and get to where you want to be in one piece.

These useful car tips and advice can help you become a better, if not the best, car owner, driver and your car’s person. Just remember that you have invested hard earned money and hard work just to get your travel buddy, so it’s just proper to put little extra time to take care of it.

Ivy Kristia Padura

Ivy Kristia Padura


Ivy is one of the first Philkotse's content writers. She finds joy in sharing her driving tips, particular for dealing with heavy traffic in Metro Manila, with other fellow drivers.

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