5 low-cost tips to let go of cigarette odors in your car

Updated Apr 18, 2018 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Philkotse.com suggests 5 low-cost tips to remove cigarette odors from your car.

The most basic thing everyone should know about cigarette is that it contains:

  • Ammonia: a main industrial cleanser and explosive ingredient;
  • Formaldehyde: an embalming agent;
  • Carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide: two major air pollutants;
  • Hydrogen cyanide, lead, and arsenic: 3 highly poisonous chemicals.

Cigarettes contain 43 recorded carcinogens as well including urea (main ingredient in urine) used for flavouring.

The harmful effects of smoking on health and well-being are obvious. However, in this article, Philkotse.com would like to have more words on how cigarette smoke can do harm to your car interior and also recommend some cheap ways to have this annoying odor removed from your car.

Cigarette odors rank among the most tenacious smells that could linger for a long time

Cigarette odors rank among the most tenacious smells that could linger for a long time and there are 2 reasons behind it. Firstly, they contain minor particles that can easily get through small leaks or vent inside your car. Secondly, it is more difficult to clean your car interior since it is not like your home where you can just take anything out to clean when you detect any bad spots. In fact, most of the interior items inside your car are fixed or at least really hard to relocate. According to UK researchers, apart from negatively impacting driver's health, smoking in cars can lower the resale value of your car by 2,500 USD.

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Don’t worry, there are still low-cost solutions remove cigarette odors from your car interior. This will not be a promotion for any kind of product, we promise, but all the items suggested below are available at any grocery store for just around P25 to P250.

1. Remove cigarette odors using vinegar

Beside the main job of adding flavor to your salad and other dishes, Vinegar can also kill weeds andgerms, act as a dishwasher detergent, tone your skin, and get rid of stains, etc. What’s even more surprising is that sometimes it is used as a laundry cleaner. To recap, vinegar is truly an odor fighter.

Sometimes, your leather upholstery can get residue oils which are transferred from the cigarette. This residue will make traces on some parts such as surfaces of the dashboard, steering wheel, and mat.

To get rid of these irritating oils, you need to make a mixture dividing into 3 parts in which vinegar take up for 1, baby oil 2. After mixing them all together, spray them on a wet cloth. Wipe down all the finishes and leather seats, then take another cloth to sweep the solution on the leather. By doing this, your car will be clear off any oil odor and stain right away.

Vinegar is truly an odor fighter

How about the odor that lingers entirely in your car? Easy! This treatment offers a new job for the cup holder which is now joining hands to fight bad smell. First, prepare half a cup of white vinegar. All you need to do next is only putting the cup in the cup holder and leave it overnight. Remember to say goodbyes to the odor because when you wake up, they have already vanished into thin air.

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2. Remove cigarette odors using charcoal

No longer having to be a part of cooking, charcoal may, instead, be used for stop weeds from growing, help metals from the toolbox stay away from oxidizing, dehumidify the closet, and prevent mold.

What’s more, it’s an effective odor eliminator.

Charcoal is an effective odor eliminator

Prepare a bag of charcoal to leave it in car overnight (consider prolonging the time in case the smell is too persistent). I would be more effective if you mix the charcoal with half a cup of baking soda.

3. Remove cigarette odors using baking soda

If someone asks which is able to be vinegar’s rival in eliminating bad odors in terms of most low-cost methods, the answer will be baking soda.

In case you can’t spot where the odor’s coming from, just spread the baking soda around every part you’re suspecting. Leave your car for some hours until the baking soda comes into effect, then use your vacuum cleaner to finish your interiors.

If the odors keep tenacious inside your car, grab a box of baking soda to tackle these bad smells. Leave it open overnight in your car (consider letting it there longer for a couple of days).

In case you can’t spot where the odor’s coming from, just spread the baking soda around every part

4. Remove cigarette odors using Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide is good for healing and commonly used for cancer, AIDS, emphysema, and influenza treating.

Interestingly, it can act against car odors as well. Prepare a mixture of 1 part white distilled vinegar with 1 part 3 percent hydrogen peroxide in a spraying bottle. Spray it over the furniture fabric, then wait until it dries. This can treat light to average odors from smoking.

 Hydrogen Peroxide can act against car odors as well

If coping with strong odors, you will have to shampoo your upholstery first, then wait till it dries. After that, apply the vinegar and peroxide solution.

The car interior lights really attract cigarette smoke. Use the Hydrogen Peroxide mix will be the best idea in this case.

5. Remove cigarette odors using coffee grounds

Coffee grounds may not be so effective in abandoning car odors compared to vinegar or baking soda, etc but are awesome in masking car odors.

This tip is often used and recommended by truck drivers to let go of smells in the trailers. It also comes handy as smell neutralizer. All you need to do is lay two bowls of ground coffee open at the front and back areas in your car (You may use socks or stockings to contain coffee grounds). One or two days’ time is enough for your car to get rid of cigarette odor. In fact, coffee beans are also popularly used as car air fresheners by many drivers.

This tip is often used and recommended by truck drivers to let go of smells in the trailers

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