Lesser-known harmful effects of smoking in cars

Updated Nov 06, 2017 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Smoking in cars not only leads to respiratory diseases but also reduces the resale value of your car.

After conducting multiple surveys, UK researchers have officially concluded that smoking in cars can lower the resale value of your car by 2,500 USD. Smoke stains and burn marks are the main reason for this.

A man smoking in car while driving

Smoking in cars can lower the resale value of your car by 2,500 USD

How smoking in cars reduces the resale value of your car

According to a survey carried out by Carbuyer.com.uk targeting on used car purchasers, 87% of 6,000 respondents asserted that they would never buy one with tobacco odors. This situation also occurs in second-hand car dealerships.

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In fact, detecting cigarette smoke is one of the first things to do in the inspection checklist of car salesmen in any dealerships. And if your car smells like tobacco odors, its resale value will surely be drastically decreased. Many dealerships even clearly state that they will not buy such vehicles as they will have to spend a lot of money deodorizing them.

Studies show that even if you smoke with the window down, the cigarette odor still lingers on your car, especially on the exterior such as seats or floor mats.

A woman smoking in a car

 Even if you smoke with the window down, the cigarette odor still lingers on your car

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How smoking in cars does harm to drivers’ health

According to a research by Harvard University, smoking in cars will directly affect drivers and passengers’ health. Volunteers in an experiment were asked to smoke in cars for one hour with the window both full and half down, while an equipment was put on baby car seat to measure how cigarette smoke did harm to passengers. The result came as no surprise. In both cases, the volunteers were exposed seriously to the toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke and had higher riskes of suffering from respiratory diseases.

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