Your old beloved car - To sell or not to sell?

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Here are 5 signs that you already have to sell your car!

Remember when you saw your car for the first time? Among all the cars in that showroom why did you pick it out? Is it just because it’s beautiful? No, not really. I’m sure there are other cars in that showroom that are prettier. Is it because it’s cheap? Yes, probably too – because you want to make sure you don’t overspend or you want to ensure that you’ll be able to pay for it monthly and not have it taken back. Is it because it’s safe? Yes, probably – because you want to make sure that you will pick a car that you can trust to protect you and your family on the road.

A man hugging his car

Car lovin' - bonding between owner and his car

You chose that car because you felt something while you’re looking at it from afar – a connection. You feel that it reflects your personality, it will keep you safe while travelling and you can afford to keep it permanently. All of these aspects connect you and your car since day one. This is the very reason why I think car and its owner have a certain level of bond.

As time goes by, you and your car has reached a lot of destinations together, weathered several storms and went through some hell rides during summer days. Having this partnership with your good ol’ ride, you’d never think of the day that you’ll ever want to sell it. Until you start to experience several troubles, in short period of intervals, shedding more money more frequently.

Now, you are trapped in between thinking: is it time to sell my car or keep holding on to it? Difficult, very difficult. So will help you determine the signs of when to sell your car.

1. When repairs come in more frequently

So after a few good years of being together, you suddenly notice that your car drains fuel too quickly, you’re having a difficult time starting it up recently, you leave a lot of oil leaks on the parking floor, among others.

With these, you now visit your mechanic more frequently, robbing you of your precious payout. If you are having more trouble driving your car rather than comfort like what it used to be before, then it is completely practical to sell it.

a sad man sitting outside his car

When car repairs are more frequent its already getting frustrating

2. When the cost of repair is higher than the car’s value

This is directly related to the first one. Frequent repairs equals frequent payments equals total loss on your part as the car owner. Question to ask yourself: “If I add these repair costs, would it amount to or even surpass my car’s value?”

If the answer is yes, then it’s time to sell it. If you think you can still sustain the repair costs and keep your car because of its sentimental value, feel free to do so. Just keep in mind that if the total of repair cost is already accumulating and you feel that if you’ve just saved those repair payments you could’ve bought a new car already then you know the best thing to do. And before making the final deal with your buyer, don't forget to seach for some tips to keep your car resale value higher

3. When you choose to commute more than driving your car

May it be because your car is already having frequent troubles, or maybe because you feel like you’re already getting some more rest during commutes rather than when you’re driving – if this is the case, it’s a sure sign to sell your car.

There’s no reason to keep your car and pay for it monthly or (if you already own it) just have it parked in your garage without using it. Sell it. You’ll have extra space in your parking area, you’ll gain some money while you’re still enjoying perks of using public mode of transportation.

a woman commuting in subway

If you commuting has been a happy place for you, then maybe its time to sell your car

4. When gas prices have been consistently high

Okay you have the most “matipid” or fuel efficient car, but still the fuel prices have been ridiculously high over the last few months and you feel like your 500 pesos worth of fuel doesn’t fill up the gas tank that much anymore then it’s time to let your car go. It makes sense because if you can save more money on commuting rather than using your car, then be practical and sell the car.

a funny illustration about gas prices

If fuelling up a car is not practical anymore, then its time to say goodbye to your ride

5. When your car has been flooded and or stolen and returned

If your car has its own series of unfortunate events and got involved in a flood or has been stolen and returned for some reason, it’s time sell the car too. As we all know flood can damage your car more than you could imagine. So if it turned into a submarine at one point, there’s no guarantee that it will still run as smoothly and without any problems plus the cost of your car maintenance too.

an abandoned car found somewhere

Sell your car if you found it somewhere unusual after getting stolen. It'll be scary to still use it!

Another thing is if your car has been stolen and recovered in a secluded area, God knows in what way your car was used, by whom or what not. Gruesome or wholesome, I think this is a pretty sure way sign to sell your car.

So after a few good years of being together, you suddenly notice that your car drains fuel too quickly, you’re having a difficult time starting it up recently, you leave a lot of oil leaks on the parking floor, among others. In case you are looking for helpful tips and advice for your car selling, is always a reliable source to visit. 

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