Unveil the myths behind Mercedes-Benz User Experience System

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Everything you need to know about the MBUX system; how can you operate it, do you really need one in your car, and how can you get one for your car?

If you look at the vehicles in the past decade to the ones today, one can say we really made progress. Whether it’s in the wheels, power, comfort, safety, or entertainment, there is definitely a lot of choices out there.

How To Use MBUX - The Mercedes-Benz User Experience

The feature we’ll be discussing today is the MBUX system. We will be uncovering what exactly it’s all about.

We’ll also answer questions like how is it used? How can you operate it? Do you really need one in your car? And how can you get one for your car? So if you’re hunting for the same answers, refer to this article from Philkotse.com:

What is the MBUX system?

The MBUX system is actually an infotainment system that’s classified as “advanced multimedia infotainment.” The manufacturing company brought their innovation to the eyes of the public sometime in 2018.

This was when it was used in their A-Class launch and was used in the succeeding models after. Though some would think that the term “advanced” is too much, it’s actually enough to describe the revolutionary infotainment system. And this MBUX also appreared on the other model like Mercedes-Benz C-Class which also features quite good specs and get positive reviews from owners.

The MBUX system

The MBUX system is actually an infotainment system that’s classified as “advanced multimedia infotainment.”

The name MBUX is an acronym for the Mercedes-Benz User Experience system. Mercedes Benz is a globally renowned German automobile marque.

It is also a recognized division of Daimler AG. The German brand is recognized for its vans, trucks, ambulances, coaches, and luxury vehicles.

Though not all of BMW’s distributed vehicles are entirely available in the Ph, you can still buy MB units if you have the budget for it. They are headquartered in Stuttgart in Baden, Baden-Württemberg.

The company started with the name Daimler-Benz in 1926. Mercedes-Benz is also one of the world’s largest sellers of premium vehicles.


Mercedes-Benz is also one of the world’s largest sellers of premium vehicles

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What can we expect from the Mercedes Benz User Experience System?

Most of the infotainment systems that Mercedes operated on were pretty much low-quality in overall performance.

In fact, most of the other brands that also manufacture infotainment operating systems also had the same low-quality performance. You can easily tell this if you’ve experienced such clunky responses when it shouldn’t be that way.

The good thing is that Mercedes pushed that performance quality. They offered us the best that they could in terms of in-car entertainment and created the MBUX system with amazing processing capacity.

It is not only fast, but it also has great and highly-effective voice control. It’s also very responsive and also comes with cloud connectivity. So it’s definitely safe to say that the MBUX is leading the race when it comes to smartphone-style in-car entertainment.

MBUX system

MBUX system has an amazing processing capacity

In the same way, the MBUX functions just like any other contemporary infotainment system you can find nowadays.

It can provide you access to tons of vehicle settings. This can include but aren’t limited to, the driving modes, the seat positions, and even the ambient lights.

Asides from that, it can also control the calls you receive in your handheld device. It also gives you quick access to your in-car entertainment options as well as dairy and contacts. Most importantly, it is also capable of pulling up the navigation for you.

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What can we expect the MBUX hardware to look like?

If you haven’t seen what the Mercedes Benz User Experience system looks like, well, you’re in for a treat. We all know that anything from this German company hardly ever comes as cheap.

But this infotainment right here is worth the expense. Just by the first glance, you’ll immediately be enticed to swipe and tap at it.

There are two standard seven-inch screens that will surely highlight the amount you paid for. One of these screens sits at the center of the console.

The other one can be accessed immediately by the driver because it’s positioned close to him. This screen is designed to replace the typical dial cluster we usually see in non-luxury cars.

MBUX system

This infotainment right here is worth the expense

But if you think you can afford a little more convenience and luxury, you can spend a little more for a light upgrade. The full Mercedes Benz User Experience system can be obtained by upgrading your equipment pack to Premium.

This comes with a few other nifty gears and add-ons that will make your ride the most dashing one inside and out.

The Premium pack entitles you to a larger screen with 10.25-inch measurements. This also comes with a sweeping glass panel that gives your dashboard a more out-of-the-ordinary look.

mercedes infotainment system

The Premium pack entitles you to a larger screen with 10.25-inch measurements

It has beautiful and sharp-looking graphics that are enough to prove to you that the MBUX is something you just have to try. It also comes with crisp multi-customization options that wrap up the whole Mercedes Benz User Experience system.

Contrary to the COMAND infotainment system present in less contemporary vehicles, the MBUX doesn’t come with a control wheel. This was usually positioned at the center console in the COMAND infotainment system.

Instead, the MBUX comes with a highly-responsive touchpad. You can even get touch control if you like for the center display screen.

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The COMAND infotainment system

The COMAND infotainment system

There are also soft-touch controls that can be found right on the steering wheel. A lot of the MBUX’s functionality can be mastered with the use of the LiNGUATRONIC voice control scheme. Mercedes’ MBUX is also recognized for its capability to learn the user’s personal preferences.

This works by offering you help and suggestions in terms of various contexts. This can be in navigation, like your favorite route to drive on. This could also be your preferred songs or playlist in music as well as other in-car settings.

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The MBUX Artificial Intelligence

One of the aspects the MBUX boasts is its virtual assistant. This works via the cloud to provide you service that resembles that of Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Echo.

You can activate the system just by saying, “ Hey Mercedes,” or in some cases, “Hi Mercedes.” Just make you’re connected to a mobile phone network, and you can ask away!

MBUX system

One of the aspects the MBUX boasts is its virtual assistant

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