Having comfortable trips with essential oil in cars - Why not?

Jul 25, 2019 | Same topic: Best Advice for Car Buyers
Here are some helpful tips to help in using aromatic oils for your car.

We invest a ton of energy in autos. We drive to work, to the staple, to class, to visit loved ones, to take some time off, and the sky is the limit from there.

That is now a critical enough measure of time, even without considering in the time you spend sitting in rush hour gridlock, which can be especially awful on the off chance that you live in a city with a thick populace.

In this way, Philkotse.com is trying to make your vehicle outings superior to anything they could be is certainly justified, despite all the trouble.

essential oil used in car

It is known that aromatherapy reduces the fatigue and stress of drivers on the road

You may think that aromatic oils help you feel at home or at the spa, but this aromatherapy can also improve your driving experience and make your trip to be fun, healthier and safer. It is known that aromatherapy reduces the fatigue and stress of drivers on the road.

It‘s also to get you to become more concentrated while driving and helps you stay calm if there were traffic jams.

1. Discover mystery about essential oils

Research on the scent and its effects on British drivers shows that using the right scent makes the driver realize the danger sooner, more focused and find it easier to forgive annoyances of other drivers on the road.

The aroma that benefits the steering wheel includes mint and cinnamon (reducing sensation and improving concentration) along with lemon and coffee (improving thinking and concentration).

essential oil being used in car

Using a suitable scent helps the driver to recognize danger earlier and concentrate more

The report further concludes that using inappropriate scents can "lead to over speeding, lack of consciousness and can lead to serious accidents". 

The kinds of scents that are dangerous to the driver include chrysanthemum and lavender (which makes the driver feel too comfortable), fast food and fresh bread (which makes the driver easy to become excited) and the smell of fresh grass, pine or flower (cause distraction).

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2. How to use aromatic oils

Avoid using any essential oils that make you feel sleepy or over-stimulated; besides, you should never use the incense sticks in the car. One of the easiest ways to use aromatic oils is to drop out 1 to 2 drops into a handkerchief and sniff it whenever you want to.

You can also drop a few drops on a paper towel and leave it on the dashboard. The warmth in the car will make the scent spread evenly all around inside (but be careful because some oils can damage the plastic). In addition, you can drop on footprints or use scent diffuser.

essential oils used for cars

You can also drop a few drops on a paper towel and leave it on the dashboard

Test the aromatic oil at home before taking it with you on a ride with a few drops. You should put on only up to 2 drops of aromatic oils on the car. It is best to try a drop at home before then see how people feel and react because each person will show a different reaction.

Feeling stress on the road

Tangerines help adults feel calm, but this can be a sedative for children. Choose this scent if you have mischievous kids in the back seat. Essential oils help to calm yourself but avoid the aromatic oils that make you feel sleepy like the smell of Vetiver and chamomile.

common essential oil

Tangerines help adults feel calm, but this can be a sedative for children

To minimize stress when driving, make a plan for the trip first, and make sure you would get enough sleep to drive well. You should also turn on appropriate music such as classical to reduce stress and increase concentration.

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Motion sickness

Ginger is a popular aromatic oil to reduce car sickness. However, not everyone likes this fragrance. Orange or citrus oils are also good choices when you have car sickness. Besides, a mint essential oil also has the same effect.

Feeling tired when driving

essential oil

Menthol oil helps to have a mental alertness

Menthol helps to keep your mind clear, but when you feel tired, you should stop and rest. If you do not have the time, you need to make sure that your car is airy and not too warm, talk to the passenger in the car, drink plenty of water and take a break between the trip to get some fresh air.

Menthol may not be suitable for children in the car, because the smell is too strong for them. Instead, you can use fragrance of lemongrass or basil aromas to increase concentration when children are in the car.

Other useful tips

  • Eucalyptus and odor mixture helps deodorize, increase alertness and keep the air in the car fresh.
  • On the hot days, pour water into a hand sprinkler and put in a few drops of your favorite oil, then shake well and spray into the car.
  • If you love any scent, try it on your car.


Before using aromatic oils, make sure that the passengers have no problem with psychological or pregnancy. In addition, avoid the use of strong aromas such as eucalyptus and rosemary when there are children on the car. Also, try the scent at home first, then try on the car.

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3. Special purposes of specific aromatic oils

essential oil in car

To safely use, you are advised to try the scent at home first, then try on the car

  • Help to increase energy: Basil, pepper, cedar, eucalyptus, grapefruit, mint, rosemary and rosewood.
  • Help to calm down: The scent of geranium, rosewood, and tangerine.
  • Help to reduce car sickness: The scent of ginger, orange, and mint
  • Bring feelings of enjoyment: The scent from cinnamon, geranium, patchouli and lemon leaves.
  • Bring fresh air: Eucalyptus, mint and tea tree.
  • Increase in concentration: The scent of cinnamon, lemon, and mint.
  • Essential oils should not be used: Chrysanthemum, jasmine, lavender, marmalade, and Vetiver because these aromas make you feel sleepy.