Good reasons why Pinoy car buyers should consider going for a Mazda

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Get a Mazda and experience what zoom-zoom is and never look back.

Shopping for a new car? Buy a Mazda for the best quality autos with safety and performance features that make it go zoom-zoom.

1. Why buying a Mazda car?

On the lookout for a new car to buy; choose a Mazda and go Zoom-Zoom! Now, why a Mazda when there are so many options out there that costs less?

In the Philippines, the prevailing brand seems good on the specs, check out any Mazda car for sale and it will blow it away. Maybe one of the considerations that weigh-in is the cost of the unit.

mazda cars philippines

Buy a Mazda for the best quality autos with safety and performance features that make it go zoom-zoom

Other car brands have units that cost less, but inevitably cheaper cars are placed on financing. The question is not, whether it was a smart decision to do so but was it worth it? If it was a Mazda, then it’s worth every penny spent on financing. That really depends on the inclination of the buyer of course. But, any Mazda owner will know what zoom-zoom means, because their cars leave others in the dust!

Consider Mazda’s emphasis on safety, technology, design, and efficiency that meshes seamlessly for a driver-centric auto. Engineering cars are about how drivers adapt to the car, but not how a driver will fit. Discomfort or anything that prevents a smooth interface is a dreadful flaw in the auto design. All Mazda cars designed well and will fit well with all drivers.

In a word, "Go zoom-zoom in a Mazda" and experience maximized features that this car brand offers. Just look at the Mazda 3, Mazda CX-5, and Miata MX-5 that other car owners would love to have, but it would translate to car-envy.

2. Is Mazda a good fit for everyone?

A drive in any Mazda is poetry in motion, with the perfect synthesis of engineering and design that culminates in rolling works of mechanical art! It’s no secret that car designers try to make the best drool worthy-design, but in some brands, it never works at all.

Mazda is the one exception; because designing classic and beautiful designs is an overwhelming obsession that creates safe and beautiful cars. Mazda makes the sleekest and the best eye-candy with a performance that money can buy.

Imagine the best design that conveys power and elegance with the ability to meld into a driver effortlessly. The “Soul of Motion" design that makes cars more than functional creates instant classics in contemporary car design.

If other cars will copycat designs, Mazda will pioneer and develop designs that others follow. A Mazda car is a standout, and their owners are privileged to own such beautiful and efficient cars. It may cost a bit, but it’s worth every red cent that is spent! Check out this newly-updated Mazda Philippines price list.

A Soul stirring creation - Kodo Design

3. Mazda-centric tech for a better drive

Is it coming across snobbishly? The reason is that Mazda is a leader in revolutionary car technology and it isn’t afraid to try anything new on their vehicles. If other auto-makers would be slower than a turtle, buy a Mazda and go zoom-zoom with premium proprietary technology that’s not limited to the popular CVT transmission or tech in other options.

mazda models philippines

Mazda is a leader in revolutionary car technology and it isn’t afraid to try anything new on their vehicles

An again most Mazda tech cost a bit more but take for example Skyactiv-Vehicle Dynamics with G-Vectoring Control which is unique to Mazda only. What it does is minimize driver fatigue by making the engine run smoother and intelligently than other engines. Another bonus is more fuel efficient and cleaner Skyactiv engines that surpass, their rivals’ performance.

4. Mazda safety tech is more impressive

The emphasis on car safety by Mazda; has proven it to be exceptionally safer by the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) in 2017, that rates production cars and are non-profit. This gives legitimacy to Mazda’s claim of several safety awards across their model line-up.

A good reason to buy a Mazda and have increased survival chances than other cars. Highlights of the evaluation are having extra safety features like optional front crash prevention or Autonomous Emergency Braking and adaptive LED headlights, for Top Safety Pick+.

Five tests were carried out to determine how the Mazda uni-body chassis survived in actual crashes. These tests were the following done on Mazda cars to fully test how survivable a crash would be for the occupants.

  • Moderate and small overlap frontal crashes
  • Side crashes on the chassis and doors
  • Roof strength test
  • Headrest test (neck whiplash)
  • Seat tests on the rear (effects of rear crashes)
  • Actual triggering of auto-braking and forward collision warning

These tests were done and determined that tested Mazda models, passed all tests with flying colors. No undue outside influence was involved but empiric and scientific testing, to simulate real-world auto crashes that kill motorists every year. For every car bought, going over the safety rating is important!

2017 Mazda 6 passenger-side small overlap IIHS crash test

Here points out some Mazda cars that passed the U.S. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) test.

  • Mazda CX-5
  • Mazda CX-9
  • Mazda CX-3
  • Mazda3
  • Mazda6

They are notable models in the 2018 line-up because Mazda is the single brand that was tested and got Top Safety Pick+ on all models, submitted for rigorous testing. This is a big accomplishment and good news that a Mazda isn’t for zoom-zoom but a safe car too!

Mazda’s an unerring dedication to fusing human and technology seamlessly for better real word response to hazards. Employing concepts that guide Mazda in engineering the best and safest cars, money can buy.

5. Wrap-up: Is buying Mazda car the best option?

If a Mazda car is considered for the next family vehicle, which falls in the safest category too. After all, here are reasons to buy a Mazda and go zoom-zoom.

  1. Mazda continues innovation with improved chassis design and rigid structures for the main compartment. Finding and reinventing ways to manufacture the most resilient car shells on the planet.
  2. It got Top Safety Pick+ on all tested model over other rivals. Addition of autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and adaptive LED headlights to safety features makes it a safer ride.
  3. i-ACTIVSENSE are preventive measures that use advanced computer-controlled safety features for safe-every day driving based on the timely human response. This means it assists the driver to react and determine the best course of action, in everyday driving.
  4. SKYACTIV-Body refers to the collision safety features that keep the main compartment intact! The combination of crumple zones and rigid areas that keep occupants alive are optimized!
  5. Mazda proprietary tech that improves driving better and is more innovative than other carmakers.
  6. Cars that allow the best ergonomic and seamless integration of the driver into the car structure.

mazda lineup philippines

Is buying Mazda car the best option?

These six reasons are why anyone should buy a Mazda, with the safest cars to be bought. Cost might be an issue but why settle for a cheaper option when all these good benefits, are for the taking? Mazda for a safe car but despite the cost, it’s worth the expense to get a world class safe car to drive.

Still not so sure? Get to our Mazda car review section to learn deeper insight into most sought-after Mazda models in the Philippines.

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