Best-selling cars vs Best-equipped cars: Which one would you pick as your next vehicle?

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To buy a best-selling car or to buy a best-equipped car? Read on the helpful advice in this article to make the right choice.

The automotive market is blooming with the introduction of many new car models and variants. Selecting the right car that meets up your need, habits, budgets, and preferences is definitely a daunting task. It is confusing when car buyers have a choice between best-selling cars and best-equipped cars cause both have distinct plus and minus points. 

Immediately; when best-selling is mentioned, certain notions will come to mind. There is no doubt that the best options are packed and consumed more in the market! For most car buyers the term "best selling" is what they want to hear. When this option is concerned; usually it is the most common automobiles that are driven by many people around. All these autos have certain characteristics that attract drivers and it is the reason why they are considered best-selling in the first place. 

However, some will prefer to choose a car that exactly fit their need, not just follow the market trend.

This article from will compare these two options in terms of 3 factors that car buyers need to be noted for the consideration of best-selling vehicles.

1. Cost of unit 

The price dictates the over-all quality of the unit or car model purchased. Normally; the difference between best-selling cars and best-equipped cars is the price. More than often most micro sub-compacts, sub-compacts; should fall into the line of people’s car. Many of these are basic and entry level; that is in line with best-selling because they are affordable! By affordable it means that they are the most financially accessible options, for strained incomes that can only afford basic and entry-level cars.

Suzuki Alto 800 on the road

Suzuki Alto 800 is a great vehicle to budget-conscious Pinoy drivers

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Unlike entry-level cars with basic affairs that are affordable, most best-equipped cars are not basic at all! Many of the features in best-selling cars aren’t high-grade when compared to best-equipped cars. The cost of the unit will allow the equipment to be more premium and do away with the basic equipment or the lack it. Usually, basic cars can be had with minimal cost; but best-equipped cars aren’t an option for everyone. Higher premiums in price will not make it; as popular compared lesser quality best-selling cars

2. Car equipment 

Now moving onto the best-equipped cars that are way better than best-selling cars. These cars have some basic premises why they are the best-equipped too! Comparing these two options; the best equipped has all the pluses and is a bit on the pricier side. These best-equipped cars come with an array of features that cannot be seen in an affordable, best-selling sub-compact because of the unit cost. Cheap and affordable units are will only have the basic, but best-equipped is another story altogether! Compared to the people’s car; the best-equipped is less accessible to a majority. It is such because of these factors that will define what best-equipped is all about.

Generally, the best-equipped cars are more expensive or cost a bit more than best-selling cars. An example is the presence of full safety features including airbags, ELR seatbelts are standard equipment with other relevant features like ABS, EBD, and BA. Included are power windows, locks, central locking, automatic AC, and even vehicle stability control (VSC), hill start assist (HAS) too. Better extras are multi-speed transmission or automatic transmission.

car safety

Safety is a primary concern

These are just the tip of the iceberg; and the best-equipped options are from compact to large cars, which do cost more with the good stuff. By comparison, best-selling do have such models but are mostly in the sub-compact range. Even the exterior equipment is much better with auto headlights and auto wipers too, which is not found in cheaper and best-selling cars.

3. Cost of maintenance 

Another draw of these affordable autos is the simplicity and the cost of general maintenance. The basic functions and equipment should be equal to less maintenance cost and cheap spare parts. But the car is not as good as the best-equipped autos

Yes, it does cost more and has more features crammed into them too. As a consequence, the best-selling cars are more popular because they cost less. Though in the long run; issues of comfort and safety will relegate best-selling cars to the dumpster in most performance categories. Affordability is good but does not assure it as the best equipped.

For the majority, there are some best-selling cars that have some premium features. But, there is always a trade-off in performance and safety that can’t be avoided. Whether it’s a price-sweet spot with everything good all-in or just enough for a basic unit then it’s all about choice.

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