6 tips for car salesmen to make more commissions

Updated Sep 16, 2017 | Same topic: Hot Tips for Car Selling

Many car salespeople get headaches in how to make more deals with their customers as well as how to increase their salary. These following 6 helpful tips will help car salesman to make more commissions.

Being a car salesman is not simple as many think. It is not just about selling a car to buyers, exactly, it is an act and technique. Persuading and satisfying customers to come into a deal are not easy at all and finding the way how to make more deals as well as more commissions is harder. However, if you know our 6 following useful tips and use them effectively, you might become a master in car sales. 

1. Don’t slur other dealers

Customers would not be happy when hearing some bad rumors about other dealers spoken by the car salesman they are working with. If you lower reputation of contenders by that way, the buyers will look you as an unprofessional dealer and wonder whether they should trust you or not. Moreover, this means you are playing unfairly and it is absolutely possible that other car dealers also do the same thing as what you've done.

A car salesman is talking in front of two customers

Don't slur other dealers because this means you are playing unfairly 

2. Pay attention to your actions, dress and smell

Car buyers always expect to have a good deal with a professional salesman. They not only look at your cars but also pay heed to your acts, clothes and even smell. Therefore, to show them a high level of car sales, you should dress decently and never smell like an ashtray. It is still not enough if you want to make your customers satisfied, you need to show them good behaviors, enthusiasm and gentle smiles as well. This surely will affect your income.

A well-dressed up salesman standing beside a car

Car buyers always expect to have a good deal with a professional salesman

3. Know full well your selling product

All buyers need a dealer who has a deep understanding of what they are selling. At least, this makes them feel a peace of mind when spending a large sum of money to buy a car. If you let them know you lack of knowledge about cars, they might be willing to say goodbye to you and find another salesman. Normally, they will give you a promise of “Be back” and we all know what it does mean. Most of the buyers who take your business card and make the promise will never come back as they said. It is just a polite refusal for you.

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4. Don’t show your desperation

Even when you feel that it is too hard to get the customers’ comfort and satisfaction, don’t show them your desperation and tiredness. Instead, you should express that you are just supporting them to understand about the car they intend to buy and if they don’t buy, it doesn’t matter at all, other customers will come. However, don’t be aggressive and angry with your customers. This is one of the most important tips for car salespeople that can make a big difference between a successful salesman and a failed one.  

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5. Get trust of customers

Every day, you meet many types of car buyers. Some could be very friendly, generous, some are aggressive and some are introverted and shy. However, you should keep in mind that you have to get their trust first no matter who they are because customers are God. If you gain customers’ reliance, selling a car will not be a big problem. Giving them questions and pieces of advice is also a useful tip to make buyers open with you more naturally and easily. The customers are willing to pay more money for a car than they intend when they truly believe in you and in your service’s quality. To become a successful salesman, this must be ingrained into your mind and become a part of your being.

A car salesman is making a car deal with a couple

You should keep in mind that you have to get customers' trust first even who they are because they are God

6. Show car buyers you have good deals

Anyone wants to be a winner in a deal or at least it must be win-win, and car buyers are not an exception. You should let them know that you have great deals and they will get more benefits if they work with you even this is a little bit untrue. Emotions always affect people’s decisions, so what they feel about you, about your car, price and your showroom are directly lead to their agreement. Remember that here are a number of car dealers in the market and buyers can go to another store if you and your dealer don't perform well.

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