6 reasons why Christmas is the best time to buy cars

Updated Oct 20, 2022 | Same topic: Best Advice for Car Buyers

December is really the best month to purchase a vehicle, either new or used!

Christmas is the time for celebrations, family gatherings, year-end parties, and bonuses. What more is best done during the Christmas season? It is to buy cars! Yes, Christmas season is one of the best times of the year to invest into something functional, useful and beautiful – that is none other than, a car.

There are several reasons why buying a car during the holidays is ideal. Aside from the fact that buying a car is proof of your hard work and often a gift to yourself, there are still numbers of other reasons. If you are hesitant to invest in a car, here are some other reasons brought to you by Philkotse.com that can make you consider buying a car this Christmas.

1. A wide variety of the current year’s model at a low price

Typically, car manufacturers launch new car models for the upcoming year by the month of September, October, and November. That means that the price of this year’s model will drop because of the arrival of the newest car model. The current year’s model will drop its value and by December, its prices will be incredibly low.

four different car models

The current year’s model will drop its value and by December, its prices will be incredibly low.

And for car buyers, that will be favorable because you will be able to save money. When the car has been on the lot for quite some time and it remains unsold, its price will continue to decrease as time goes by. This is because car dealers focus on latest models because they can make the most out of it. If you want to save more, look for the car (that is this year’s model) that has been in the lot for a longer time. You may not have the latest, but at least, you have a new car and you save money.

2. Year-end Promos

We all know that the month of December is the month of year-end sales. And the same goes for cars! Although buying a car is not really a part of your annual Christmas shopping list, you may consider this since holiday Christmas sales also influence car dealers.

Price of goods during holiday seasons are mostly on sale, and that includes cars. It is a good time to spend some money on cars this season since you’ll be able to avail big holiday sales. And that means you’ll be able to save money.

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Christmas car promos

Price of goods during holiday seasons are mostly on sale, and that includes cars.

3. Holiday Bonuses and 13th Month Pay

People spend more during the holidays. This is mainly because of their year-end salary, Christmas bonuses, and 13th-month pay. This simply means that people have more money during the month of December compared to the rest of the month in a year. That makes it more ideal to buy a car during the holiday season because there are lots of great deals and sales in car dealers and retail stores and you are financially capable during these times.

Paper with Bonus written in it

People spend more during the month of December because of their Christmas bonus and 13th-month pay.

4. Brand new car for the brand new year

If you have an old car, and the repairs are causing you lots of cash already, you might want to exchange it into a new one. Buying a new car during this season will allow you to save more money because of Christmas sales and great deals. And it will be more practical to buy a new one than continue using the old one who needs frequent repairs.

Instead of wasting your money from your car’s frequent repairs, buying a brand new one is a much more smart investment. Consider a new car for the New Year. Replace your old and crappy to start your year with a smooth and brand new ride.

A man and a new car

It will be more practical to buy a new one than continue using the old one who needs frequent repairs.

5. Better customer supports from dealerships

During this time of the year, most people are busy Christmas shopping for gifts and groceries. And these people rarely visit car dealers since buying a car is not their top priority for the Christmas. This means that car salespeople don’t have many customers to entertain. This is a great time to take advantage of it.

The car salesperson will have their attention focused solely on you. There is a bigger chance that the salesperson will tell you all the important details of the car. This includes similar models of the car you’re interested in, alongside with its review and safety features and many more. You can also take this time to ask questions regarding your concerns. 

Remember that car dealers have monthly and yearly sales quota, you can also take advantage of that.

A couple with a car salesperson

During Christmas season, car salespersons don't have many customers to entertain and that will make them more focused on you and your inquiries.

6. A car as a Christmas gift

If you’re rich enough to buy a car as a gift, then why not, right? After all, Christmas is a season of giving. You can definitely buy a car as a gift to your loved ones maybe as a prize for some achievement or just a gift because they deserve it.

Or it can also be your Christmas gift to yourself. If you think that you deserve it after all the hardships and job well done in the entire year. A car can be the proof and fruit of your hard work and perseverance. So if you think you deserve it, then go ahead and buy it.

A car as a christmas gift

A car is definitely a perfect Christmas gift to your loved ones 

Buying a new car this Christmas will save money from deals and it is also a great time to start the New Year. A brand new car for the brand new year to come is somewhat fulfilling and satisfying. Bottom line is, Christmas is the best time of the year to buy a car.

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