Which 2021 Mitsubishi Strada variant should you buy? [Comparison Guide]

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Know the right Strada for your needs.

If you’re currently in the market for a pickup truck, you might have considered the Mitsubishi Strada. It’s a well-equipped model when it comes to comfort and convenience features, it makes a good deal of power, and it looks great too. Moreover, the current model hails from a long line of models which all have a reputation for being rock solid and reliable.

A picture of the Mitsubishi Strada Athlete

The top-of-the-line Mitsubishi Strada Athlete

For the Philippine market, the Strada has a couple of variants available. So, which one is the right one for you? Well, let us compare all the Strada variants and help you make your choice.

Mitsubishi Strada Variants: Exterior

In terms of size, all variants of the Mitsubishi-made pickup truck have a length of 5,305mm, a width of 1,815mm, and a height of 1,795mm. Also identical on all trims is a wheelbase length of 3,000mm, and a ground clearance of 220mm.

In terms of curb weight however, the Strada Athlete 4x4 AT is the heaviest at 1,925 kg. The GLS 4x4 MT is next at 1,915 kg, and the Athlete 4x2 AT at 1,810 kg. The rest of the variants, namely the GLS 4x2 trims and the GLX Plus 4x2 trims are the lightest at 1,810 kg.

A picture of the side of the Mitsubishi Strada Athlete

Check out those decals on the Strada Athlete's side

For exterior equipment, the GLX Plus and the GLS 2WD MT are equipped with halogen headlamps, while the rest have LED headlamps. Standard on all Strada variants are turn signal side repeaters, halogen turn signal lamps, front fog lamps, and LED taillights. Only the Strada Athlete is equipped with automatic headlights.

For wheels, most variants of the Strada save for the GLX Plus are equipped with 18-inch alloy wheels. The GLX Plus in turn comes with a smaller set of 17-inch alloy wheels. Of note, the Strada Athlete’s wheel set is Black in color, whereas the rest are two-tone alloys.

A picture of the front the Mitsubishi Strada GLS

The Strada GLS trim. Instead of black trim pieces, it gets more chrome

Speaking of the Strada Athlete, it also has some unique features that make it sportier. It comes with striking side decals, blacked-out side mirrors and door handles, and unique color options. These color options include Sunflare Orange Pearl and White Diamond. The rest of the Strada’s variant lineup are available in White Diamond, Jet Black Mica, Sterling Silver Metallic, Red Solic Clear, Impulse Blue Metallic, and Grayish Brown Metallic. The only universal color option on the Athlete and the other variants is Graphite Gray Metallic.

Mitsubishi Strada Variants: Interior

Inside, all variants of the Strada can fit in up to five occupants. All trims come standard with a tilt and telescopic steering wheel column, rear air-conditioning vents, an analog gauge cluster, and digital trip computer.

A picture of the Mitsubishi Strada Athlete's interior

Inside the Mitsubishi Strada Athlete

The Strada’s variants, except the GLX Plus, are also equipped with a six-piece speaker system. The aforementioned entry-level variant only has four speakers. The entire variant lineup also comes with a multimedia touchscreen that’s capable of connecting via USB, Bluetooth, and aux-in. It’s also iPod compatible.

The Athlete variants, and the GLS 4x4 MT variants offer more with their interior. They come equipped with a leather-wrapped steering wheel as well as leather seats. The GLS 4x2 AT and MT do get leather steering wheels, but like the GLX Plus, they come with fabric seats instead. Moreover, the Athlete, GLS 4x4 MT, and GLS 4x2 are also equipped with automatic climate control.

A picture of the interior of the Strada GLS

The interior of the non-Athlete variants look more subdued, but they have the same layout

And lastly, the GLS variants and the Athlete variants are equipped with offline navigation, a push to start button, and cruise control. The entry-level GLX Plus, on the other hand, has a turn-key ignition system. Only the top-spec Athlete 4x4 AT comes with an eight-way power-adjustable driver’s seat, while the rest come with a manually adjustable driver’s seat.

Mitsubishi Strada Variants: Engine and Performance

Under the hood of all the Strada variants in the Philippines is the 2.4-liter 4N15 inline-4 DOHC turbodiesel MIVEC engine. At most, this engine can produce up to 179 horsepower and 430 Nm of torque. For the manual variants, it uses a six-speed manual transmission. The automatic variant in turn makes use of a six-speed torque converter-type automatic tranny with paddle shifters.

Of note, each trim (except the GLX Plus which only has 4x2) has a 4x4 version. For these 4x4 variants, the Strada uses a permanent system. Do note though that only the Athlete 4x4 AT is equipped with Mitsubishi’s famed Super Select 4WD-II, which allows for on-the-fly switching between the available 4x4 modes. The GLS 4x4 MT also has a dial-type 4x4 mode selector, but it isn’t as advanced as the Super Select II on the Athlete. Of note, the Athlete 4x4 AT also has a locking center differential.

A picture of the side of the Strada GLS 4x4 MT

The GLS 4x4 MT is the only 4x4 variant with a manual tranny

Suspension-wise, all trims of the Philippine-spec Strada use a double-wishbone type front suspension, and leaf springs for the rear. Braking is handled by a ventilated front disc brake and a leading and trailing rear drum brake. The Strada also comes standard with a hand-operated manual parking brake.

Mitsubishi Strada Variants: Safety

For safety, all variants of the Strada are equipped with anti-lock braking with electronic brake-force distribution, stability control, traction control, a security alarm, and hill-start assist. The top-spec Athlete 4x4 AT has several driver-assist features like blind-spot detection, and lane departure warning. It also has seven airbags, which is a lot more than the dual-front airbags available on the rest of the variant lineup.

For parking, all trims of the Strada except the GLX Plus are also equipped with a rear camera.

Mitsubishi Strada Variants: Pricing

Mitsubishi Strada Variants


Strada GLX Plus 2.4 4x2 MT

Php 1,185,000

Strada GLS 2.4 4x2 MT

Php 1,250,000

Strada GLS 2.4 4x2 AT

Php 1,325,000

Strada Athlete 2.4 4x2 AT

Php 1,443,000

Strada GLS 2.4 4x4 MT

Php 1,465,000

Strada Athlete 2.4 4x4 AT

Php 1,760,000

Mitsubishi Strada Variants: Conclusion

If you want a Strada that stands out from the pack, then either of the Strada Athlete trims are for you. As a whole though, the Strada is one of the more futuristic-looking trucks in the market right now so any of the variants are good-looking either way.

For serious off-roaders, or those who regularly need to go deep into the boonies, only the Strada Athlete 4x4 AT and the Strada GLS 4x4 MT are available to you. Do note however that the former also comes with several goodies that the other trims lack. It has more airbags, a plusher interior, and it might be the safest too since it’s the only one that comes with seven airbags as well as driver-assist features.

A picture of the rear of the Mitsubishi Strada Athlete

The Strada Athlete has this tough, battle-ready look

In turn, if what you’re after is a no-frills truck for carrying stuff, then the GLX Plus 4x2 MT is there. It’s the most affordable trim, and it looks modern inside and out. Then again, there are also the mid-range trims like the GLS 4x2 and Athlete Variants.

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Know more about Mitsubishi Strada 2021

Mitsubishi Strada

<p>The Mitsubishi Strada is one of the most successful and oldest pickup trucks in the Philippines, currently competing in the local midsize pickup truck category. In January 2019, the third-generation model of the truck acquired its rightful renovation. Some of the updates include a more muscular body sculpture and the Dynamic Shield exterior styling. Like the current models of the tri-diamond brand &ndash; the ASX, <a href="https://philkotse.com/mitsubishi-xpander-price-philippines" title="Mitsubishi Xpander Philkotse Car Guide">Xpander</a>, <a href="https://philkotse.com/mitsubishi-montero-sport-price-philippines" title="Mitsubishi Montero Sport Philkotse Car Guide">Montero Sport</a>, and the like &ndash; the Strada features the &quot;X&quot; fascia. It also comes with C-shaped chrome accents that trace the fog lamps and slim headlights.</p> <p>Its exterior showcases a sporty, athletic, and agile look giving an impression that it is ready&nbsp;to overcome any roads in the country, while the interior accentuates quality and soft-pad materials. The midsize pickup truck is offered in 4x4 or 4x2 variants. Disregarding its facelift, from its former 2.5-litre Common Rail Direct Injection 4D56 diesel engine, it is now powered by a 2.4-liter in-line four diesel with Variable Geometry Turbo and MIVEC 4N15 engine only. Thus, leaving the&nbsp;truck with a single powerplant option. It can generate torque power of 430 Nm, and 181 horsepower to the wheel through&nbsp;either&nbsp;a 6-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission.</p>

From ₱1,185,000

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