Top 6 common mistakes while driving an automatic car

Updated Mar 11, 2021

Who doesn’t love driving an automatic car? But are you sure you are driving it in a proper way?

To begin with, let us give you some advantages of driving a car with automatic transmission:

  • No need to worry about clutch control when being stuck in the dreadful traffic of Manila
  • Say goodbye to jerky shifting, especially if you are bad at hand-and-feet coordination
  • Consume decent fuel and produce lower amount of emission

For those reasons, automatic cars are favored by both professional drivers and especially those who have basic driving techniques.

Even though this type of car is undoubtedly a great invention in the automotive industry, there are a few things that drivers have to keep in mind while behind the wheel of automatic tranny vehicles. has put together 5 most common mistakes while driving an automatic car that can significantly damage your vehicle and more seriously, put your own safety at risk.

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How to drive cars with automatic transmission, smartly | Philkotse How To

1. Shifting into the parking mode before coming to a complete stop

Even though some modern cars now won’t allow you to do so, you’d better never do it anyway because there is a possibility that you can break the locking pin.

The locking pin is used to keep the transmission from running. Switching into Park will make the locking pin be inserted into a gear which is connected to the transmission’s output shaft. This is also the same shaft that the wheels are attached to. This explains why the locking pin might be broken if you lock it without completely stopping the car.

2. Using neutral mode to let the car slide down a slope

Setting the car in neutral mode means cutting the oil supply, which will probably lead to the jerky operation because of lacking lubrication for the transmission. If this driving habit is repeated over and over again, your car will be, consequently, significantly damaged. Get rid of this bad habit otherwise the number on your repair bill will get you upset.

The dos and don'ts of driving an automatic transmission

3. Changing direction without completely stopping

Changing direction when your vehicle has yet to come to a complete stop is extremely bad for your transmission components because if you do so, the car will be stopped by your gearbox instead of your brakes. Make sure you will never make this bad habit while driving an automatic car.

4. Revving the engine before changing gears

Feeling cool when doing this? Well, you will no longer feel so when you have to pay the repair costs. When you rev the engine before changing gears, the transmission will receive a massive shock which increases the friction between the internal components of the car. And that is how this stupid habit will ruin your car engine parts.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

Equipped with a nine-speed system and a strong engine that is never stressed, the Land Rover Discovery is one of the best automatic transmission vehicles in the Philippines

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5. Draining your car’s fuel tank

A proper fluid pressure ensures the smooth operation of an automatic transmission car. Besides, fuel helps cool down and lubricate the car’s engine and multiple elements. That is why automatic car owners shouldn’t keep the fuel tank low continuously as this habit will make the internal components be worn out faster.

Draining your car’s fuel tank can lead to many serious issues for your car. Read our article here to find our more.

6. Setting your vehicle in neutral mode at a stop light

Contrary to popular belief, putting your car in neutral in such situation won’t help you save any fuel. In fact, it is the shifting into and out of the neutral mode that result in the actual damage. If you really want to save some fuel, try pushing the brakes by setting the transmission in Drive mode.

Some of you might find these tips boring, well, but not every driver is a gearhead with comprehensive understanding of car mechanism. We hope you will find useful tips for safe driving in our article and don’t forget to visit our page at for more helpful advice for car owners.

Watch the following video to get more tips on How to drive an automatic car for beginners:

How To Drive An Automatic Car-FULL Tutorial For Beginners