How to lessen stress when doing driving test in the Philippines

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Are you nervous when doing your driving test?

We all experience stress and anxiety attacks whenever we’re meeting a certain deadline, presenting in front of a crowd, and of course, taking exams. A driving test is not an exception.

In fact, we experience so much stress when we take this test. This is because we worry so much about what the results would be. These worry and stress are actually the reason why most drivers who took the driving test failed. That will waste all the money and time you invested in driving lessons.

Good thing is there are a few tips from that can help you eliminate or at least lessen the stress when taking driving tests. These handy tips can help you make the driving test less daunting.

1. Get an Instructor

A most common mistake that people make when taking driving lessons is not hiring an instructor. Most people rely on their relatives to teach them the basics in driving. Driving lessons from a qualified instructor are different from a relative who gives you their own knowledge of driving.

Driving test and traffic have changed over the years. That means you’ll need an instructor who’ll train you with all the latest traffic regulations. Trust an instructor because they’ll teach you everything you need to know that an examiner might ask.

a man teaching a boy how to drive

Most common mistake that most student drivers make is not hiring a certified driving instructor

2. Have a mock test drive

Ask your instructor to give you a mock test drive. That way, you’ll have an experience in driving without someone telling you what to do. You can ask your instructor to act as an examiner during your mock drive test. Let him question you with some possible questions during the drive.

That will give you an experience on how to drive without someone assisting you. And at the same time, you experience being asked random traffic questions that can serve as a reviewer.

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3. Practice More

You need a lot of practice before your scheduled drive test. Your instructor will probably let you run through the familiar route in your area.  You can challenge yourself by trying to drive through unfamiliar routes. By doing so, you’ll be able to practice more and be familiar with different routes.

It can help you even after the driving test. It can also prepare you for the unexpected. Trying different and unfamiliar routes on your own will give you additional confidence during the driving test.

A man driving

Practice on unfamiliar routes

4. Don’t forget to eat

When we feel nervous, we lose our appetite most of the time. That is actually not good. You need to have at least a light snack before your test. It will give you enough mental energy to concentrate on your driving. Bananas can do the work, as they are rich in Vitamin B and Potassium that makes them good fuel in our body without giving us a sluggish feeling.

It is also advisable to ensure that you’re tummy is in good condition. Go to the lavatory if you must.

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5. Avoid Caffeinated Beverages  

You might think that a coffee will help you stay alert during the test. Well, it would not. Caffeine is a stimulant that will most likely increase your anxiety and heart rate that will only make you more nervous. So, instead of relying on caffeinated drinks, try to have a full night’s sleep to ensure that you’ll be active and alert during the driving test.

Different caffeinated drinks

Caffeine is a stimulant that can increase your heart rate and makes you feel more nervous

6. Don’t announce the driving test to everyone

Do not let everyone know that you’re taking a driving test. This will give you extra pressure. It will just increase your anxiety and stress. You wouldn’t want to disappoint them, would you? So, just keep it to yourself first. The right time to tell them is when you finally passed the test and have a little celebration for your success.

7. Lessen your expectations

Do not expect that you’ll have a friendly chitchat with your examiner throughout the whole driving test. You have to expect a very serious, stone-faced, and unresponsive examiner. Don’t be afraid. It is normal for an examiner to be that way. They just want you to take your test seriously and keep your full attention to the road.

doing a driving test

Don’t be afraid. It is normal for an examiner to be that way

8. Pack up everything

Surprisingly, a lot of test takers don’t even get to begin their driving test because of incomplete documents. Before leaving your home, check if you have all the necessary and relevant papers and documents with you. You also have to make sure that you’re prepared with all the requirements needed before the driving test.

9. Think positive

Don’t stress too much on the driving test. Stay positive. If you've prepared and practised enough, then be confident. Don’t think that you’ll fail the test. Think that you’ll pass. It will keep you motivated. Negative thinking will have an effect on your driving. Believe that you can do it, and you’ll surely will.

Think positive

Don't think that you'll fail the test. Think that you'll pass.

To ensure that you’ll pass the test, here are the top 5 reasons why most test takers fail. These are the things you need to avoid:

Proper observation at junctions

Don’t let the examiner see you panicky and nervous. Breathe and be at ease when you’re driving and observing at junctions. The examiner must see that you’re careful enough to look for other cars, pedestrians, cyclist and motorists too.

Reverse Parking

Calmly check all the hazards around you. And use your mirror and turn your head to look and check for any blind spot before you smoothly manoeuvre the car.

Use of mirrors

This is one of the most common mistakes done by test takers. It is there for a reason. Use it properly.

using car mirror

Use the car mirror properly

Moving away safely

Poor balancing of clutch and accelerator as well as not checking your surroundings and not using signal lights are a major no-no. These are major factors that will fail the test.

Inappropriate driving speed

The examiner will know if you're hesitant to speed up or you're driving a bit slower than the right speed. It is not only the speed limit that the examiner is checking. Driving too slowly will give the examiner an impression that you’re unsure.

Remember that stress will not help you pass the test. So follow the tips on how to handle and overcome any stress, anxiety or nervousness that will hinder your good performance during the driving test.

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