Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross awarded 5-star ASEAN NCAP rating

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With its impressive performance, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross achieved the maximum 5-star rating from ASEAN NCAP.

Delivering an excellent performance at ASEAN NCAP test, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 was well-deserved with the maximum 5-star safety rating. Recently, this SUV car has been introduced in Singaporean market where it is said to be available with a sole 1.5L turbocharged engine.

ASEAN NCAP - Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

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Similar to the all-new Perodua Myvi, the vehicle follows the 2017-2020 protocol of ASEAN NCAP which now involves a score for SAT (Safety Assist Technologies) in addition to the existing AOP (Adult Occupant Protection) test and COP (Child Occupant Protection) test.

The AOP test now has a total score of 36 points in lieu of 16 points previously. The newly-added 26 points are for:

  • Side impact protection (SIP) - 16 points
  • Head protection technologies (HPT) - 4 points

In the COP test, the Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 obtained 43.34 out of 49 points, while this figure for the AOP test was 35.14 out of 36 points with an impressively high score for the HPT evaluation and SIP tests. Achieving 14.50 out of 18 points in the SAT test in total, the Eclipse Cross was highly appreciated for its 81% compliance. What an impressive performance!

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 ASEAN NCAP report

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross 2018 ASEAN NCAP report

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The SUV comes with advanced features that include:

  • Seven airbags
  • Anti-lock brake system
  • Active Stability Control
  • Around-view monitor
  • Forward collision avoidance system
  • Hill start assist
  • Rear and front parking sensors
  • Automatic High Beam (AHB) function
  • Electric park brakes (EPB) with auto brake hold

Angular front Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

Angular rear Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

 Front view Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross

The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross has been introduced in Singapore

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Mitsubishi Eclipse

The Mitsubishi Eclipse is a stunning sport compact vehicle offered in a two-door liftback coupe and a two-door convertible. It features a sleek and well-detailed body highlighted with useful features for a safe and consistent riding experience. Inside, it is packed with driver and passenger amenities that guarantee comfort and convenience. The Mitsubishi Eclipse is available in the following variants: the Mitsubishi Eclipse GS, the Mitsubishi Eclipse GS Sport, and the Mitsubishi Eclipse GT. It is offered in Northstar White, Sunset Pearlescent, Carbon, Kalapana Black, and Rave Red.