Chery QQ3 2018 Philippines Review: Is it worth buying this mini beauty?

Updated Jun 03, 2021

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A zoom in review by expert of the Chery QQ3 2018 Philippines: its performance on the roads, specifications, and price.

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1. Chery QQ3 2018 Philippines Review: Introduction

After some confusion on the change of name of Chery QQ, we can finally put an end to it and say that this subcompact hatchback is known as QQ3 in some countries including the Philippines.

With its rebadged name trying to have its fourth attempt to hit the Philippine market, the Chinese automaker has a new price for the hatchback. Having said that, will have its own review of the subcompact to make you aware of the specifications of Chery QQ3 2018 Philippines's mini beauty.

Chery QQ, small size & large capacity! Pass on smiles and create happiness for the people around you!

2. Chery QQ3 2018 Exterior

The "Smile Face" design of Chery QQ3 exterior traces back the star of "Finding Nemo", Nemo, that exudes an overall happy feeling. It is combined with details like its distinctive diamond-like shape headlamp with high and low beam, steering lamp and width lamp.

Matching the lamps are the honeycomb-like grille that express an energizing effect and the grille air intake that adds to the horizontal visual effect of the car. With some aerodynamic lines on the sides that accentuate its body, the rear doors with window-connected rear door handles give a "Q" shape on the backseat windows that project the initial of the model of the subcompact.

2018 Chery QQ3 exterior attempts to steal the spotlight in the country's subcompact hatchback category

Chery QQ (QQ3 in the Philippines) has a "Smile-Face" design that exudes a happy atmosphere

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The panoramic rear window that is made of tempered materials give a comfortable visual experience that provide a clear field view behind. Tagged with a tail door design that gives a large opening to the back part of the hatchback with hydraulic lifter that allows you to open the door conveniently, the compartment behind enables you to easily store small things and luggages.

Take this beauty along North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) and go all the way up North and enjoy the view of the rice terraces of Banaue in the mountains of Ifugao and smile at the beauty of nature like this subcompact hatchback.

2018 Chery QQ3 exterior: angular rear

The "Q" shape that the window-connected rear door handles give a stylish feel on the vehicle


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BMW 1 Series

₱ 2,690,000

Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto

₱ 590,000 – 745,000

Kia Rio

Kia Rio

₱ 920,000 – 985,000

3. Chery QQ3 2018 Interior

Chery QQ3's center console design adapts a "Round and Sleek" style with its transformer-like pattern. Tagged with illuminating digital instrument that keeps you informed of the driving condition of the vehicle and a digital speedometer that displays the speed you're running, the LED display bags the trophy for modern design.

As for the steering wheel that brags a sporty fashion, the hand-holding part that is slightly protruded gives a stylish look to the wheel. Cargo space may also be expanded up to 636L with its bendable rear seats. You can simply fold the seats at the back to accommodate a large luggage bag of your friend who you welcome at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Front and rear seats are also highly wrapped with engineered curves for passengers comfort.

2018 Chery QQ3 interior: dashboard

The center console has a transformer-like design that is in line with its modern design

The convenience that the intelligent control body system of Chery QQ3 is a winner in terms of giving security to its passengers. The One-Button Defense and LED Anti-Theft Indicator remove your worries after you lock the doors of this subcompact. Emergency assistance that acquires signal to execute unlocking operations in the event of vehicle collision is also included.

You can also remotely control the door lock and the four-door power window through the Remote One-Button Automatic Lifting Window feature. As an added benefit, standard MP3 interface, some storage spaces over the instrument panel, and air-conditioning system are allotted for the passengers’ comfort.

To add extra protection for the passengers, the Chery QQ3 in the Philippines is equipped with Anti-Lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (ABS+EBD), energy-absorbing steering column to enlarge the front-row seat in the event of collision to avoid head and chest injuries, and air bags at the front-row seats that will keep you in safety in the event of unexpected vehicular accidents.

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4. Chery QQ3 2018 Specs & Engine

Under the hood lies a 1.0L (998cc) inline 3-Cylinder DOHC 12-Valve Multi-Point Fuel Injected gasoline engine that is fuel-efficient and is best to drive within city terrains. Paired with a 5-speed manual transmission (MT), this subcompact can surely provide ample power and speed to Chery QQ3 that can be enjoyed by people who want to start learning how to drive.

Tagged with a set of McPherson Strut front and Trail-Arm rear suspension that provide stability and comfort to the passengers, this subcompact can be a good choice for novices of the road.

Under the hood of the 2018 Chery QQ3 is a 1.0L gasoline engine with 5-speed manual transmission (MT)

QQ3's 1.0L (998cc) inline DOHC 12-Valve Multi-Point Fuel Injected gasoline engine

Chery QQ3 2018 Philippines Specs
Name Chery QQ3 1.0 M/T
Price P499,000
Body type Hatchback
Transmission type Manual
Length 3,564 mm
Width 1,620 mm
Height 1,527 mm
Wheelbase 2,340 mm
Ground clearance 130 mm
Wheel size 14 inch alloy
Trunk capacity 190 L
Number of seats 5
Engine & Performance
Engine size 1.0L
Transmission 5-speed manual
Number of cylinders 3
Number of valves 12
Displacement 998 cc
Powertrain Front-wheel drive
Top speed 135 km/h
Max output 69 hp @ 5,000 rpm
Max torque 93 Nm @ 3,500 rpm
Safety and Security
Driver airbag Yes
Front passenger's airbag Yes
Side airbag No
Curtain airbag No
Electronic brake distribution No
Security alarm Yes
Airconditioning system Manual air conditioning
Entertainment system Single CD player with USB interface & 4 speakers
Power steering Yes
Power windows Yes

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5. Chery QQ3 2018 Philippines Price

Many Pinoy drivers are wondering what happend to the famous Chery subcompact hatchback that once created noise for its budget-friendly price when it hit the Philippine roads during its first launching in July 2007.

Catching the country by storm with its incredible price range that appealed to budget-conscious drivers, it is taking a chance again in the Philippine car scene with a new face and upgraded specs for the price of P499,000. Shocking to Pinoys especially that it suffered a bad reputation in the previous years, it is again trying to penetrate the Philippine market.

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6. Chery QQ3 2018 Philippines Review: Conclusion

Having said all those, ‘You are only as good as your last job' is a phrase Chery has to keep in mind and it was quite a headache to distributors and car enthusiasts before. Quality and parts issues were quite a mess in the previous years and those were something Pinoys may not forget.

With the tight competition now in the Philippine car market, it would be difficult for one who had issues in the past to penetrate the market now. Tagged with their current pricing, it would be tough for them to enter the market especially having Hyundai Eon, Suzuki Celerio, Toyota Wigo and other subcompacts in the front line.

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a red chery qq3 angular front

If not getting improved, the QQ3 needs an even lower price tag to compete with Hyundai Eon, Suzuki Celerio, Toyota Wigo

If they can offer their subcompact a lot less to Pinoys, they can probably have the chance to show to the Philippine market their newly improved QQ3 so Pinoys may take a chance to again experience it. But they have to be sure that they won’t miss the opportunity because with the bad reputation they had in past, they will only add insult to injury if they fail. Not until they do some sacrifices, they will be shooting for the stars. will keep you updated with the latest news about cars in today’s market.

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