How to turn on car air-con correctly to cool down your car fast & save energy

Updated Jul 05, 2018 | Same topic: Let's Drive Smart!

Check out easy tips to effectively cool down your car fast, save energy and be healthy with your air-conditioner.

The hot weather makes it a must to get the car air-conditioning system active. Here are some tips to use your AC effectively to cool down your car faster, save energy and be healthy.

The first tip is to park your car in shady places. Park your car in the shade of trees or roof. Otherwise, the best way is to bring your heat insulation film or visors. Be aware that your tires might be blown out if you fail to protect your car carefully in the hot weather.

car parking in shade of a roof

Parking your car in the shade of trees or roof is the best way to steer away from heat

How to Cool Your Car Like a Pro

Next, in order to use your car air-conditioning system in the best way, you should try the following:

1. Do not turn on AC before or when you start your car, which will reduce the battery life due to its full-capacity operation. Instead, roll down your car windows to pull the outside air into your cabin. At the same time, you can turn on the fan to expel toxic air, which helps you to cool down your car and is healthy. After about 5-10 minutes, when the temperature in your car is balanced with the outside, you can get into the car, tightly close all doors and windows, start and cool down your air-conditioner until you feel comfortable.

2. Prioritize outside air mode: In fact, respiration in a closed atmosphere is never a good thing. Therefore, you should preferably take the outside air to have more oxygen. The inside air mode should only be turned on when the inside temperature is stable, when you want to cool down your car quickly or when the car runs through bad weather conditions. In fact, many new models have the automatic mode to recirculate the inside air or take the outside air.

Car parking exposed to sunshine

Turn on AC correctly to cool down your car fast and save energy

3. Do not cool down your car excessively: The lower the temperature is, the more fuel your car will consume. However, the bigger problem is that you are more likely to get a heat shock when you step out of your car. Also, you need to pay attention to the fan of your AC, it needs to be set at a moderate level. An excessive fan speed results in not only more fuel consumption but also bad influences on your health.

4. Turn off your air-conditioner before you switch off the engine: you should not turn off your air conditioning and engine at the same time. Instead, the engine should previously be turned off a few minutes. This makes the engine work more stably and prevents you from any heat shock when you get out of your car in the hot weather.

The last tip is to have regular car maintenance to keep its lifespan last longer. Meanwhile, it helps your car air-conditioning run smoothly during the hot weather.

Inside/outside air circulator

Many new models have the automatic mode to recirculate the inside air or take the outside air

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