3 useful tips to keep your windshield in its top shape

Updated Oct 25, 2017 | Same topic: Handy Maintenance Tips

Read our article to get 3 useful tips on how to properly protect your car windshield.

Although being a very important part of your car, the windshield is often left blurry, dusty and scratched. If not properly cleaned, the windshield can limit the driver’s visibility and make driving become dangerous. Here are 3 tips to clean your windshield and keep it in its top shape to improve your car maintenance.

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1. How to remove scratches from your car windshield

Windshields are most prone to scratches if the car is regularly driven on rocky or gravel roads.

Scratched windshields in a car

Windshields are most prone to scratches if the car is regularly driven on rocky or gravel roads

These scratches are not only aesthetically unappealing, but also are the place where dirt can build up, thickening the glass and affecting the visibility of the driver. For minor scratches or cracks, you can use clear nail polish to seal the scratch marks on your windshield by following these steps:

  • Clean the windshield by spraying a glass cleaning solution onto the surface and around the scratches
  • Use a soft and dry piece of cloth to wipe along the scratches on the glass
  • Use the polish brush to apply an even layer of clear nail polish throughout the entire crack, the same way you – or someone else you know – would normally paint their nails
  • Trim the stains along the edges by using a soft cloth and some acetylene to wipe

How to super clean your windshield

2. How to clean blurry windshield because of dust

Follow these simple steps to clear your blurred windshield:

  • Clean the inside of the windshield with a soft and dry piece of cloth. Remember to use specialized cleaning spray on the glass;
  • Flip to the clean side of the cloth and wipe the top edge of the windshield first to prevent dust from falling down below the area that has been cleaned;
  • Divide the outside of the windshield into several parts, then rub each section with a clean cloth. Then use a specialized cleaning solution to wipe the windshield and rinse it off with water. Then dry the entire surface with a dry towel;
  • Finally, use a piece of microfiber cleaning cloth with a little white vinegar or lemon juice to wipe the inner and outer surface of the windshield.

 Windshield is blurred because of dust

Clean the inside of the windshield with a soft and dry piece of cloth if it is blurred

3. How to get rid off blurry windshield because of the rain

When driving in the rain or general high humidity conditions, the windshield is often blurred and the driver’s vision impaired. In these circumstances, you should pay attention to the glass drying function that is often equipped on some current car models. This drying function will quickly clear the glass, but the drawback is that the windshield will become blurred again almost immediately after you have turned off the glass drying system.

For the cars that are not equipped with a drying system, you can use the air conditioning system instead. You should turn on the A/C and adjust the cabin’s temperature to the outside temperature, and the water vapors will gradually disappear off the windshield.

Windshields are blurred because of rain

Turn on the air conditioning or glass drying system to clear the windshield when it’s raining

In light rain conditions, some drivers may choose to roll down the front window glass to about 5 to 10 centimeters and turn on the fan to circulate the air so as to avoid water vapors misting up on the windshield. However, this solution has the downside of getting rain droplets inside of the car and making the interior dirty.

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