Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Battle of the Korean subcompact sedans!

Updated Jul 23, 2020
  • Table of contents
  • 1. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Introduction
  • 2. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Dimensions
  • 3. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Interior
  • 4. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Engine and Performance
  • 5. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Safety
  • 6. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Price in the Philippines
  • 7. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Conclusion
Let's take a head-to-head comparison between Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina to determine who win the battle among the subcompact sedans segment!

1. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Introduction

Before the Hyundai Reina and the Kia Soluto even came out, there were several cars in their price range that were competing in the subcompact sedan market segment.

But recently just this year, these two were released and of course, they rocked the boat so to speak and inevitably, they also went after each other in terms of sales and popularity.

The Kia Soluto launched last January and of course, everyone talked about the totally new nameplate that seemingly popped up out of the blue. It was really affordable, had a lot of onboard features and quite capable of driving within the city.

Only a day after the Soluto’s launch though, Hyundai launched the really similar Reina. How similar you ask?

Well, both cars make the same power, are both built in China, and they are even made on the same car platform which means they have the same handling characteristics. So if there are any differences between these two: Hyundai Reina vs Kia Soluto, it’s's job to find out

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2. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Dimensions

Hyundai Reina vs Kia Soluto: Dimensions
Hyundai Reina 
Kia Soluto
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Wheelbase (mm)
Cargo Volume
Ground Clearance
150 mm
150 mm

Now first things first; the looks. While both are very similarly sized, the Soluto and the Reina each have distinctive features of their brands. The Kia Soluto bears that very recognizable Kia feature upfront which is the “tiger-nose grille” and that notably large lower piece intake which also houses the fog lights.

The Reina also has that signature Hyundai grille which is usually seen from their vehicles that follow their Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design language. Both have some sporty appeal to them and both are equally elegant.

The 2019 Kia Soluto viewed from the side

A side view of the Kia Soluto

We prefer the shape of the Soluto’s front end, not that there’s anything wrong with the Hyundai Reina but the hood of the Kia vehicle seemingly has this lower profile shape that we like.

In terms of size though, this Chinese made, Korean branded sedans are virtually the same save for the Soluto’s width which is narrower by 5 mm.

A picture of the 2019 Hyundai Reina

These two vehicles also have the same silhouette and proportions

Some though have also had eventually brought up the Kia Soluto vs Mitsubishi Mirage G4 in several occasions and somehow we have to acknowledge that too as the Mitsubishi made Mirage also falls within their price range. Surprisingly though, the Mirage G4 is shorter, narrower, but a little bit higher than the Soluto and the Reina.

The rear of the Kia Soluto 2019 highlighting the trunk

The rear end of the Kia Soluto

A picture of the 2019 Hyundai Reina's rear highlighting the trunk

And the Hyundai Reina's

3. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Interior

If you’re an avid reader of, you might have read our Hyundai Reina Philippines reviews in the past where we had the opportunity to get up close with the aforementioned sedan. And one thing is for sure: while the Reina is overall a very good car, one weakness it has is its barebones interior features.

In comparison to the Kia Soluto, this is also where the slight price difference is factored in. While the Reina only has a 1-Din audio system with a Radio, the Soluto’s head unit is an excellent seven-inch touchscreen that comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.  

In terms of comfort though, there’s no difference in the amount of legroom and headroom between these two models. Both have decent seats but in terms of design though, we actually prefer the Reina’s more angular interior features over the Soluto’s rounded ones which can be seen from the shape of the AC vents and on several other points on the dash.

Hyundai Reina vs Kia Soluto: Interior Features
Hyundai Reina
Kia Soluto
Cruise Control
Front Parking Sensors
Rear Parking Sensors
Leather Upholstery
Push Start Button
Air Conditioning System
Manual Air-Conditioning
Manual Air-Conditioning
Entertainment System
 - 1-DIN AM/FM Radio
 - 7-inch touchscreen
 - MP3, USB, AUX, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
Aux, Bluetooth, USB
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Outlet
Steering Wheel Audio Control

Kia Soluto 2019 interior

Here's a view of the Soluto's dashboard and steering wheel

2019 Hyundai Reina dashboard and steering wheel

And here's the one on the Hyundai Reina

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4. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Engine and Performance

Hyundai Reina vs Kia Soluto: Engine Specs
Hyundai Reina
Kia Soluto
Kappa MPI Inline-4
Kappa MPI Inline-4
1,368 cc
1,368 cc
Number of Cylinders
Number of Valves
Transmission Type
5-Speed Manual or 4-speed Automatic
5-Speed Manual or 4-speed Automatic
Power Train
Max Output (HP)
Max Torque (Nm)
Fuel Type
Fuel Capacity
43 liters
43 liters

From what we can glean from the table above, it is quite plain to see that the Soluto and the Reina have equal footing in terms of performance. Both cars, after all, are equipped with the same engines as such, it would be remiss of us to not mention the close relationship of Hyundai and Kia.

The former of which currently owns around 33.88% of Kia, while the latter in turns owns about 22 % of Hyundai. So yes, it would not be a stretch of the imagination to say that these companies not only share platforms but also specific engines and some technical know-how.

Kappa 1.4 engine installed under Kia Soluto and Hyundai Reina

Here's the Kappa engine which uses the Atkinson Cycle. It powers both the Soluto and the Reina

Both the Hyundai Reina and the Kia Soluto also have the same set of available gearboxes: a 4-speed automatic and a 5-speed manual. And both are also practically the same in terms of under-chassis components. This means that if the Kia Soluto 2019 is a nimble, city going car that’d you’d want to daily, the same will go for the Hyundai Reina 2019.

5. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Safety

In terms of safety equipment, it is plain to see that the Soluto has more in the form of an engine immobilizer. Apart from that, however, there’s not much one has over the other.  Both models have anti-lock braking systems, electronic locking doors, and the same amount of airbags.

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6. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Price in the Philippines

Hyundai Reina Philippines price list - 2019
Hyundai Reina GL 5MT
Php 638,000
Hyundai Reina GL 4AT
Php 688,000

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Kia Soluto LX MT
Php 625,000
Kia Soluto LX AT
Php 675,000
Kia Soluto EX MT
Php 685,000
Kia Soluto EX AT
Php 735,000

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7. Kia Soluto vs Hyundai Reina: Conclusion

As you can already surmise, the Hyundai Reina and the Kia Soluto are very similar vehicles. Both are quite affordable, both offer decent comfort, and both can perform just about the same whether on tight city roads or on the highway.

Both aren’t very fast but will be very capable especially in a tighter urban setting. The Kia Soluto does have more in the way of on-board tech for both entertainment and safety. So when it comes down to it, it all boils down to the looks and which car brand you actually prefer as a buyer.

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The Kia Soluto 2019 overall look

2019 Hyundai Reina the look

So, what is your choice between these two Korean-made sedans?



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