How to Make Your LTO Driving Test a Success

Updated Jul 23, 2020

Here are some proven techniques to give you a better chance of nailing your driving test.

1. LTO Driving Test in the Philippines: Introduction

A driving test can be one of the most nerve-wracking tests that you’ll face in life — that is, if you want to get your own driver’s license. If the thought of taking your LTO driving test fills you with anxiousness and dread, don’t worry because here are some proven techniques to help you calm your nerves and give you a better chance of nailing your driving test (even without the help of fixers).

lto driving test in the philippines

Actual driving test that you need to pass

2. Preparations for the actual driving test

Try to get as much practice as you can in as many situations as possible with your driving instructor or supervisor. Before you do so, make sure to get a student permit so it’s legal for you to practice driving.

You’re not required to achieve mastery as a student driver but getting good amount of experience will make you more confident as you do your driving test. The important thing is to know the road and traffic rules and be able to incorporate them in your driving.

take a lto driving test in the philippines

You can practice driving at any roads in the Philippines as long as you have a supervisor and a Student Permit

Driving schools might not require this, but it’s best to cover off the following driving scenarios and situations during both daytime and night-time in your practice:

  • Parking on different streets on diverse scenarios  
  • Driving in narrow streets
  • Driving in the rain
  • Driving on the city in rush hour
  • Driving in speedy highway traffic (changing lanes, merging, making a turn and a U-turn)
  • Driving on roads with a gradient, particularly practicing stop-and-go on downhills and especially on uphills.

3. Study for your LTO written examination

Pinoy Driver offers a free driver training resource and official LTO exam reviewer that helps aspiring drivers pass the LTO exam and get their driver’s license. They have the LTO reviewer in English and Tagalog and all of these are available on computer, tablets, and smartphone.

common road signs in the philippines

Some of the most common road signs

4. Mimic your test environment

The reason why athletes try to simulate real game environments during practice is because it is effective. When you’re a student driver, your brain is still learning how to process all the new information and the feel of driving a car. Creating an environment as close to the actual driving test as possible will make it a lot easier for you.

Familiarize yourself with every important function and switches (lights, windshield wipers and washer, hazard lights, signal lights, handbrake, horn, etc.) in the vehicle, and make sure you can use them confidently for their intended purpose.

take lto driving test philippines

Mimicking actual test conditions is highly effective

5. Being nervous isn’t a bad thing

Start worrying if you don’t feel nervous! It’s actually a good thing to slightly nervous because it heightens your sense of awareness which is really good for your test.

You feel nervous because it’s quite normal. Everybody feels nervous, especially if there is something at stake. It’s our body’s natural reaction to feel nervous, and worrying about your nerves will only cause you more stress and anxiety, and that’s not good for your exam.

a nervous man

Being nervous is actually not a bad thing

6. Walk it off

Do short walks before your test to get your mind off of it and make you feel relaxed, rather than sitting down and repeatedly thinking it over. Walking, together with deep breathing exercises, also incites good blood circulation.


Walking helps you relax

7. The power of “Affirmations”

“Affirmations” are simple and are very similar to brainwashing yourself. You’ll start to believe something by repeating it over and over again to yourself, well, as long as you don’t carry any stronger belief that could hinder it. No basketball team has ever gone to the finals and won a championship by telling themselves they aren’t a good team.   

positive thoughts

Be optimistic and do positive self-talk

Affirmations should always be positive; it’s actually a positive self-talk. Start by telling yourself “I have a perfectly clear memory”, and “I pass tests easily because I’m good at tests.”