Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Which rules the premium mid-sized sedans segment?

Updated May 28, 2021

Scouting for a good mid-size executive sedan to buy? This in-depth comparison of Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy will help you have a better choice.

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  1. 1.Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Overview
  2. 2.Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Dimensions
  3. 3. Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Engine & Performance
  4. 4.Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Interior & Safety Features
  5. 5.Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Exterior
  6. 6. Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Final thought

1.Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Overview

When it comes to features and performance, these mid-sized sedans have either a 2.5 or 3.5-liter engine for powerful and spritely performance. Compared to smaller cars, these have everything that any driver could want in a car. There is no shortage of pampering features that are good for comfort and convenience too! When weighing in these two excellent executive cars; then it only shows why these options were chosen in the first place.

Both the Toyota Camry and the Subaru Legacy have huge bumps in everything and these are cars are next to large cars, in all and everything that matters. These two options are stacked differently; sorting out and looking at it with a fine-toothed comb should be helpful but both are the best options. Another something that is of interest about the Legacy is it’s All Wheel Drive (AWD) which is a distinct feature of most Subaru cars especially their crossovers. But, the Camry features advanced safety features that Toyota generously gives to their expensive cars.

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2.Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Dimensions

The Subaru is bigger in two dimensions but is smaller in length, compared to the Camry. Although the Camry has the greater length that creates greater volume for extra space. As an option, the Legacy has the edge over the Camry

Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Dimensions
  Toyota Camry  Subaru Legacy
Length (mm)  4,825 4,795
Width (mm) 1,825 1,840
Height (mm) 1,480 1,500

3. Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Engine & Performance

Verdict: Looking at the performance specs, the main advantage of the Toyota Camry is its horsepower, and its suspension but the numbers of horsepower and torque is close to the Subaru Legacy. Compared to the Camry; the Legacy has better displacement, torque with an AWD differential to boot! But, despite the edge, each has over the other option. Both are symmetrical in performance. Neither will get the upper hand and it’s a draw.

Toyota Camry 2019 engine

 Toyota Camry 2019 is armed with a 2.0L engine

2019 Subaru Legacy engine

 Most Legacy models will be equipped with the sedan's 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine

Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Engine & Performance
   Toyota Camry Subaru Legacy
Displacement 1,193 cc 1,329 cc
Transmission Type 6-Speed Automatic with Super ECT/ Continuously variable transmission (CVT) Lineartronic Continuously variable transmission (CVT)
Drive Train Front Wheel Drive (FWD) Symmetrical All Wheel Drive (AWD)
Max Output (HP) 277-178 173-257
Max Torque (Nm) 231-341 235-350
  • Front: Ventilated Disk Brakes
  • Rear: Solid disk
  • Front: Ventilated Disk Brakes
  • Rear: Ventilated Disk Brakes
Tire size  215 / 55R17 225/50 R18
Fuel Type Gasoline Gasoline
Passenger capacity 5 5

4.Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Interior & Safety Features

Verdict: Now, the Camry gets the point for one option, which the Subaru isn’t equipped with. The point goes to the Camry, but all it takes is one feature to get on over another option.

Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Interior
  Toyota Camry  Subaru Legacy
Power feature Yes Yes
Din head unit Yes Yes
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Navigation Yes Yes
Auto door locks  Yes Yes
Immobilizer Yes -
Speed sensing locks Yes Yes
Power side view mirror  Yes Yes
Steering wheel control Yes Yes
Cup holders Yes Yes
Side pockets Yes  Yes 
Automatic AC  Yes Yes
Multi-zone Yes Yes
Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Safety Features
  Toyota Camry  Subaru Legacy
3-pt. ELR seatbelt Yes Yes
Side Airbag Yes Yes
Curtain Airbag Yes Yes
Knee Airbag Yes Yes
ABS Yes Yes
With Load Limiter Yes Yes
Pretensioner Yes Yes
Isofix mounts Yes Yes
Rear camera Yes Yes
Cruise control Yes Yes

5.Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Exterior

Verdict: Here’s another draw between two excellent executive options, both have the same exterior equipment, and that speaks a lot for their overall quality. None gets the better again, and this is a case of having too many similar features.

  Toyota Camry Suzuki Legacy
Head lamp Halogen/ Led/ HiD Yes Yes
Fog lamp Yes Yes
Third brake light Yes Yes
Auto adjust head lamp Yes Yes
Auto wiper Yes Yes
Daytime Running Lights Yes Yes

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6. Toyota Camry vs Subaru Legacy: Final thought

Both Toyota Camry and Subaru Legacy is the option to look up to in the mid-sized sedan category. Although both are excellent; only one will prevail, and the Camry has that distinction!
In this case, both are all equal; but the AWD of the Subaru is a plus, but the Camry comes out by adding some features that the Legacy doesn’t have. Proportionally; their performance is at par and with good engines packages as well. The Toyota Camry is the better options as defined by the parameters of this car showdown.

But, the Legacy does have advantages with its AWD sedan, although other similar options are going to be equipped with AWD too. Just take note that everything is based on personal preference, so everything is fair game!

Toyota camry 2019

Toyota Camry seems to win the crown for this competion! 

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