Which used cars are best for first-time Filipino buyers?

Feb 05, 2019 | Same topic: Best advice for car buyers
This is a list of used cars that are advisable for first car buyers.

As what the famous line says “Everyone has their first time”, buying and owning a car could be a little tricky and you may just rush into getting one out of excitement. Little does Juan Obrero know that he is buying a car out of impulse and may just end up returning the unit or selling it to have it replaced with the one that really fits his lifestyle. To avoid bumping into too much dismay, you may buy a used car first and see for yourself if it is for you.

Philkotse.com has compiled 3 cars for first time Pinoy buyers who are looking for a pre-loved vehicle. Check them out!

Used vehicles are good for new car drivers who are looking for their first car

Used vehicles are good for new car drivers who are looking for their first car

1. Used Toyota RAV4 2014 4x2 - A/T

Landing a spot on our list is Japan's Toyota RAV4 2014 (4x2 variant). This compact SUV or also known as Crossover (CUV) is the most successful vehicle in the crossover category that paved way to Honda CR-V, Subaru Forester and the dime-a-dozen compact and subcompact SUVs in the Philippine car scene today.

This crossover gives a feel of an off-road vehicle minus the bulky size it normally brings to the table. Aside from that, it gives its passengers more than ample legroom to move freely and more than enough headroom to comfortably sit and relax inside. You can take your friends to UP Technohub for a sumptuous meal while enjoying the glossy ambiance of the area and simply drive your way home to Montalban without the feeling of being alienated by your rocky surroundings. 

Used Toyota RAV4 2014

Used RAV4 2014 is a good crossover for first time Pinoy buyers

Under the hood of this crossover is a 2.5L Dual Variable Valve Timing gasoline engine that is mated with 6-speed automatic transmission (AT). Inside are All Power Windows, In Dash AM/FM /CD Audio Entertainment System, and Air-Conditioning System. Included features for safety and security are Driver and Passenger Airbags. So for the price of a pre-owned Toyota RAV4 2014, tagged with its specifications, it can be a good buy to those who are looking for thier first car.

2. Pre-Owned Suzuki APV 2014 M/T

Another Japanese car is our second entry on our list - the Suzuki APV 2014. This van or also called as Multi-Purpose Vehicle (MPV) is a winner for those who are looking for a family vehicle.

It gives you a lot of interior space and accommodates up to 8 passengers so no need to worry about not fitting everyone inside since APV 2014 can easily take a big family of 4-6 kids inside. It provides the passengers enough legroom for them to move comfortably and a spacious headroom that you won't normally find in other vehicles with the same engine capacity. Cargo space that will welcome your bags is specifically reserved behind the rear seats.

You can easily take your family on a weekend getaway to experience the countryside of Laguna down south and enjoy the rapids of Pagsanjan falls and pass by Liliw Laguna to get some pairs of their famous footwear before going back to the metro by sunset.

Second-hand suzuki apv 2014

Used Suzuki APV 2014 is a good choice for first time car owners who are looking for their family vehicle

This MPV has an engine capacity of 1.6L (1,590cc) 4-cylinder Multipoint Injection gasoline engine that is paired with a 5-speed manual transmission (M/T). Inside the vehicle are all power windows, entertainment system and air-conditioning system that provide comfort to its passengers. Additional safety features are the airbags for both driver and front passenger in the event of collision.

The APV 2014 provides above standard features that definitely appeal to budget-conscious first time buyers of a family vehicle. Get best deals of the second-hand Suzuki APV 2014 here.

3. Second-hand Honda Jazz 2014 A/T

To finally put a seal on our list, our final entry is the Japanese automaker's Honda Jazz 2014. This may really tickle the interest of budget-conscious car buyers since the once all-new hatchback that made waves in the Philippine car scene can now be yours a few hundred thousands cheaper than its brand new model.

This 5-seater sporty hatchback has a comfortable legroom for its passengers and more than enough headroom above and has some extra cargo space at the back for your bags. You can drive this beauty to Batangas and take a sip of their famous "Kapeng Barako" and learn the history of the Philippines through the province's rich culture.

Second hand condition of Honda Jazz 2014 is a hit to budget conscious car buyers

Used Honda Jazz 2014 is a few hundred thousands more affordable than its brand new model

Sporting a 1.5L Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) 16-valve Inline-4 Intelligent Variable Timing Electronically Controlled (iVTEC) engine, the 2014 Honda Jazz has a 5-speed automatic transmission (A/T), a horsepower of 120, and a torque of 145 Nm. Included in the standard features are Push Button Ignition, Smartkey, Steering Wheel Audio Controls, Multi-Info Display, and Paddle Shifters. Automatic climate control system and a rear view camera are also included in the standard features. The front passenger seat and the rear seats can also be folded to accommodate luggages that need more space.

So if you need a used car that you can drive within and outside the city, you may take advantage to the Jazz 2014 and experience the features it brings first hand.

With the number of good vehicles today, it may be tough for those who are on the lookout to decide what type of vehicle would be best suitable for their needs. Apart from the fact that getting one may be too much of a hassle, it may be too late to back out when you realize what you keep in your garage is something not for your needs. Philkotse will be here to check things for you so you can easily pick a used vehicle to experience if it is the right fit for your needs.

At last, do not forget to visit our website daily for more hot tips and advice on car buying.

Source: Michael Morales