4 test drive tips you should know

Updated Nov 14, 2017 | Same topic: Best Advice for Car Buyers

These are some key points that you need to focus on when testing a car.

Apart from style and technical figures, test driving before buying a car is also very important to make the best decision. It gives you a chance to feel whether the car completely fits you. There are many types of car with various shapes, sizes and features, so checking everything carefully is a must to avoid finding some dislike figures about the ride after purchasing.

How to Test Drive a New Car

Now, let's check out the following 4 tips on how to test drive a car

1. Check the seats

This tip simply means entering the car and sitting for a while to check whether it’s easy to get in and out of the car and whether the legroom and head space are comfortable enough. On the other hand, checking the back seat is also important in order to ensure that all passengers will have comfortable position in car.

a girl sitting on driver seat in a car

Make sure that you and your passengers have comfortable seats in motion

2. Examine everything in car

Checking how the car works in motion to ensure that everything works well. The steering wheel’s position shouldn’t be too high or too low. It’s highly important to check the pedal position. It needs to be in the right position because if not, the accident might consequently happen. Also, the mirrors must be adjusted and the blind spots are at the least so that you have the best road awareness.

a car side mirror

The mirrors should be adjusted so that the blind spots are at the least to make sure you have the best road awareness

3. Thoroughly test what you're looking for

Think about the reason why you want to buy a car. Then, have test on what features you’re looking for in the car and check whether they match your requirements and purposes. If the car is frequently used on the hill or mountain, don’t forget to have some time to test drive on this type of road. The driving functions like braking, handling, suspension and steering should be examined as well. It might not be the right car for you if these functions don’t meet your needs.

car running on uphill roads

Have a test on hilly roads if you frequently drive on this type of terrain

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4. Test drive other cars

a car lot

Prepare some options in advance and test drive on those options to have more experience and choices

It’s unwise if you immediately buy the first car you have had a test on. Prepare some options in advance and test drive on those options to have more experience and choices. Driving a number of cars and comparing them together will give you a clearer look on how the car is and choose the one that suits you most.

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