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Used Mini MPV for sale (1)

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  • Cooper S
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  • Cooper 5-Door

Selling Red Mini Cooper 2017 in Muntinlupa

  • Used
  • 2017
  • Automatic
  • 18,000 Km
Metro Manila, Muntinlupa
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    Five Things to Avoid When Buying a Used Car

    You are viewing our wide array of second hand Mini MPV for sale on because you finally decided to save yourself and family from the hassles of commuting. Since you plan to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, as well as online, you need to take some precautions to make sure you bring home a reliable unit which would last for years.

    If you're a first-time buyer or have little knowledge about car buying techniques, is here to help you out. We will provide some of the mistakes you should avoid when you are purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. This applies both to online and offline purchases. Let's get started!

    1. Rushing the Purchase

    Impulsive buying is common when we are shopping, and the same can happen when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle. Definitely, a part of you already wants to buy the unit since you wanted to meet with the seller.

    However, meeting with the vendor with the intention of closing the deal at that very moment is a big mistake! You would be persuaded by the seller easily and might miss on important aspects of car buying, so you end up bringing home a used Mini car with a lot of hidden problems.

    Experts say it would be best to meet with the seller without the cash so that you won't be tempted to pay for it immediately. Also, the recommended window period for deciding is two to three days after checking the vehicle. Additionally, meeting with other sellers would be ideal for you to have different options.

    2. Not Seeking the Help of an Auto Mechanic

    Whether you have great knowledge about cars or none at all, contacting a car mechanic to check the vehicle is a wise decision. You might need to pay for one, but these people are trained, skilled, and experienced to see even the tiniest problem of a car.

    3. Skipping the Test Drive

    It is said that an average of 20% of first-time buyers of pre-owned cars for sale skips the test driving step. This is the biggest mistake, even if a mechanic checked the car.

    Test driving the car you plan to buy will give you a “feel” if the unit is really in good condition or not. Additionally, you shouldn't just test drive it for a few minutes. Have a few spins to see the performance of the car.

    4. Not Checking the History Report

    So, a trusted mechanic looked at the vehicle and you drove it in different terrains, and it's a car worth considering. But, you still have to check the car's history report.

    Usually, the maintenance-and-repair document would be enough since it will give you an idea of what has been done to the car in the past few years. It will help find possible hidden problems that the seller might be covering up.

    5. Not Negotiating

    More often than not, you already have a budget in mind or prepared before even choosing what second-hand car to look at or car seller to meet. And of course, most units for sale are reasonably priced. With that being said, most used car buyers no longer haggle or negotiate with the car vendor.

    This is a mistake because most sellers would be willing to meet with the buyer halfway, as long as they won't lose too much. Also, most of the time, the sellers are already expecting a negotiation, even if they have posted “non-negotiable”. Thus, negotiate once you've finalized your decision and applied the tips above.

    Don't Get Too Excited!

    Wrapping it all up, when buying a second-hand car, it is best not to get too excited. That is: do not base your purchase on looks and the seller's convincing power. Calm yourself and look at all your options, think hard before deciding.

    Besides Mini Philippines, our website also features verified car ads from different auto brands in the Philippines for your reference. Or if you need more help on any car-buying-related problems, feel free to check out the other articles available here on We update our website regularly.

    Good luck in finding the best second-hand car for you and your family!