Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines

Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines
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1. Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines: Highlights

When it first arrived in the Philippines in 2014, the Wigo managed to be one of Toyota’s best selling compact cars in the Philippines. Since many Filipinos dream of owning a car, the Wigo was able to successfully hit right into the heart of the Philippine target market. The Wigo's main selling point is its affordable pricing and it’s fuel efficiency which is very ideal for Manila’s daily traffic jam.

The Toyota Wigo makes a good contender to the mini-sub compacted hatchback category since it’s a practical choice for people looking for a small car to drive on a daily basis in Metro Manila. It is highly recommended as an entry level car for yuppies or starting families looking for their 1st car.

The 2018 Wigo is being offered in four variants: Wigo 1.0 E M/T, Wigo 1.0 G M/T, Wigo 1.0 G A/T and the 1.0 TRD A/T. All of these trims are priced reasonably. Check out our Toyota Wigo 2018 for sale in the Philippines to find out how much the Wigo sets you back.

Toyota Wigo in metallic orange color

The all-new 2018 Toyota Wigo is available in metallic orange and 5 other unique colors to choose from

2. Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines: Exterior

Before going through outstanding features that the Wigo owns, please note that you can dig deep into the our Toyota Wigo review for detailed information and other Toyota Wigo 2018 specs.

The Wigo is known for its sporty and fun appearance has added a couple of features on its 2018 model such as the projector headlights, LED taillights, and the integrated turning light on the side mirrors.

The car has a newly designed bumper, grille and hood which is responsible for creating the overall sporty look of the Wigo. This compact car also comes with 14" machine cut alloy wheels as well as a spoiler with 3 brake lights on the rear end of the car.

The 2018 Wigo is a compact hatchback perfect for city driving with the following dimensions: lt has a length of 3,660mm, width is at 1,600mm and its height is at 1,520mm. The Wigo has 5 doors, including the back compartment. Available colors to choose from are: White, Black, Red, Silver Mica Metallic, Gray Metallic, and the new Orange Metallic

Toyota wigo philippines exterior

The Wigo managed to be one of Toyota’s best selling compact cars in the Philippines

3. Toyota Wigo 2018 Interior

Even though the new 2018 Wigo is smaller in size compared to other cars for sale in the Philippines, it surprisingly provides a wide legroom for the backseat passengers.

The Wigo can accommodate approximately 3 backseat passengers; but if you want to have more space for movement, it would be safe to say that you can comfortably accommodate 2 average sized passengers at the back of the car.

toyota wigo interior

Toyota Wigo's upmarket interior

4. Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines: Engine

The 2018 Wigo is a front-wheel-drive hatchback that runs on a 1.0 L VVT-I 3-cylinder gas engine which produces 66hp and 89 Nm of Torque. Its available in 2 variants: a 4-speed automatic transmission and a 5-speed manual.

The Wigo is also known for being fuel efficient especially, for long drives. Its gasoline consumption for city driving would approximately be at 9.6 km/L at 40 kph while hi-way driving would result in a consumption of at least 22 km/L at 90kph. It has a fuel capacity of 33L at full tank.

toyota wigo engine bay

The 2018 Wigo is a front-wheel-drive hatchback that runs on a 1.0 L VVT-I 3-cylinder gas engine

5. Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines: Other Features

Just like other modern Toyota cars, the Wigo has a Navi-ready display audio for its entertainment system which has a radio and MP3 player. It also has a USB and aux-in connectivity. The Wigo's steering wheel is also equipped with an audio control which gives you control of your music while driving.

Regarding its safety features, both the driver and passenger seats have airbags and the car is equipped with an ABS or Anti-Lock Brake System and an Auto Braking System. It also has a security alarm and electronic lock installed on all doors.

6. Toyota Wigo 2018 price in the Philippines

Toyota Wigo 2018 price in the Philippines
Model Price
Toyota Wigo 1.0 E MT  P542,000
Toyota Wigo 1.0 G MT  P581,000
Toyota Wigo 1.0 G AT P681,000

*Kindly refer to our Toyota Wigo Philippines price list to keep up to date with the latest changes in prices of this hatch.

7. Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines: Pros & Cons

Here compiles a table showing pros & cons of the Toyota Wigo to help you have a brief overview about this hot hatch.

Toyota Wigo 2018 Philippines: Pros & Cons
  • Affordable car for the working class
  • It's a basic car that is suitable for city driving
  • Get you to your destination and make travelling more comfortable
  • Provide good visibility when driving
  • Easy to park and manoeuvre
  • It can take some time to increase its speed
  • Cabin acoustics needs improvement because it tends to get loud if you reach the speed of 80kph and up.
  • Limited trunk space though rear seats can be folded just in case you need more space for your additional luggage
  • Not suited for rough roads

Even though the Toyota Wigo has some weak points, come to think of it, the hatch is still perfect to be your very first car in the Philippines. At last, this list of new and used Toyota Wigo for sale in the Philippines will be helpful for those who're planning to seek for this model.

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